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Women Inner wear Woolblend FS Vest Type Thermal dark grey
WoolMark Certified & Woolblend Material
SKU: EM464
Rs. 1,307.00
  • Size
  • 80cm
  • 85cm
  • 90cm
  • 95cm
  • 100cm
  • 105cm
  • 110cm
  • 115cm
Women Inner Woolblend HS Vest Type Thermal dark grey
WoolMark Certified & Woolblend Material
SKU: EM463
Rs. 1,029.00
  • Size
  • 80cm
  • 85cm
  • 90cm
  • 95cm
  • 100cm
  • 105cm
  • 110cm
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Customer Reviews
on 24/11/2022
When it comes to cotton thermals, I blindly go with Woollen-Wear. A friend of mine suggested me this website for winter clothing and her word totally pans out. I got a grey thermal top and absolutely loved it. What I particularly loved was the amount of choices I has in sizes and styles
on 20/11/2022
One of my friends had gifted me a cotton thermal wear from Woollen-Wear. It was the best quality of cotton thermals that I had ever used. I would recommend it to everyone to buy their thermals here
on 20/11/2022
I had never bought thermal wear online. I was quite sceptical of the online stores being fraud. But after my friend recommended me about Woollen-Wear it tried it at once. I was not at all disappointed
on 20/11/2022
I wanted to buy a thermal bottom for myself. I was glad to come across Woollen-Wear. The cotton thermal pants I received was a great fit and it also accentuated by body structure. When it comes it good quality winter garments, I have always found Woollen Wear to be the best.
on 19/11/2022
I needed a new pair of thermal top and pants for regular use. Woollen Wear was truly a saviour. Not only the products are WoolMark certified to guarantee the quality, but also extremely comfortable. I also got one in my size and it fit me perfectly. With no doubt, I can blindly rely on Woollen-Wear
on 19/11/2022
I stay in a small town, so finding good quality woollen blend thermal clothing near my place was not possible. So instead I ordered them online from Woollen-Wear. The quality I relieved was supreme

Women Thermals Online....!

Thermal Wear Winter is a beautiful season of the year. It turns to be harsh only when you forget to buy the perfect winter wear. Hence, one of the important purchases to be made before winter hits your door is of thermal wear. Shopping of winter wear is made easy than ever before at our online store, Woollen-Wear. We really know that women need that special warmth in winter to enjoy the specials of the season. We provide you with a stunning range of thermal wears to shoot your style in this winter. Our products are Wool Mark certified to assure that extra level of satisfaction for our customers.

You can find women thermal wear made from high-quality wool and cotton. Sizes are available from small to big that suit individual needs of everyone. Our store displays quality products of reputed companies. We, being one of the most loved winter stores take great effort to provide the products at affordable rates. Thermal wear comes with sufficient thickness to assure the much-needed warmth for your body. Eco-friendly winter wears are easily biodegradable and are made free from itching sensations. They perfectly fit under any of your outfits and assure a feather touch feel. All of the products are handpicked to assure maximum comfort for long time.

Thermal Wear For Women -





Merino Wool Thermals

WoolMark Certified, Pure Merino Wool, Very Thin, Natural Breathability, Odour Free


80CM, 85CM, 90CM, 95CM, 100CM, 105CM

Moisture Wicking, Soft, Comfortable, Ribbed Bottom, Zero Degrees Suitable, Elastic Waistline


110CM, 105-115CM, 110CM-120CM

Cotton Thermals

Cotton Quilted Thermals, Poly Fill, Warm


80CM, 85CM, 90CM, 95CM

Soft, Comfortable, Zero Degrees Suitable


100CM, 105CM, 110CM

Wool Blend Thermals

Wool Blend, Fine Quality, Long Lasting, Light Weight


75CM, 80CM, 85CM, 90CM, 95CM

Warm, Odour Free. Soft, Comfortable, Elastic Waistline, Suitable Below Zero Degrees

100Cm, 105CM, 110CM, 115CM

Thermal Combos

Natural Breathability, Moisture Wicking


75CM, 80CM, 85CM, 90CM, 95CM

Elastic Waistline, Odour Free, WoolMark Certified


100CM, 105CM, 110CM, 120CM

Suitable Below Zero Degrees, Close to Body

Grey, Dark-Grey

105CM-115CM, 120CM-130CM


Woollen-Wear celebrates every winter with a large volume of customers. We are really happy to watch customers back to our store. They do online shopping for quality thermal wear to spend winter in a stylish way. Our store is frequently updated with new products and you can search with different credential like rate, ratings, size, model, etc. You can have a look at our heart throbbing collection of thermal wear. We provide complete information of products to our customers. If you need more information about our products, never hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to serve you.

Choose Material of Thermal: ?

Merino Wool Thermals - these womens thermals are made from 100% extra fine merino wool. These are suitable for below zero degrees. 

Wool Blend Thermals - these womens blended wool thermals are made from blended wool that has a blend of pure wool and man made wool.

Spandex Elastic Thermals - these womens spandex thermals are made from lycra, cotton and latex these are highly stretchable and body hugging.

Cotton Quilted Thermals - these womens quilted thermals are made from two layers of cotton where polyfill is sandwitched in between.

Sleeves Style of Thermals ?

Fullsleeves (fs) - These are long sleeved inner thermals for women. Long sleeves have a ribbed end to provide maximum warmth.

Halfsleeves (hs) - These are half sleeves inner thermals for women. Good for those who cannot wear full sleeves thermals.

Sleeveless (sl) - These are sleeveless inner thermals for women. Sleeveless thermals are good for chest only cold protection.

Type of thermals:

Tops thermal wear - These are made to be weared as inner top wear thermal for women.

Blouse Type Tops thermal wear - These are like blouse size short in length made to be weared as inner top wear thermal for women.

Slip Type Tops thermal wear - These are little longer in length below waist upto thigh length can be wore as inner top wear thermal for women.

Camisole Type Tops thermal wear - These are little shorter in length just above waist length can be wore as inner top wear thermal for women.

Bottom thermal wear - These are made to be weared as inner bottom wear thermal for women.


Use a very Mild detergent, Use lukewarm Water, Do not Tumble dry, Do not Bleach. No Hanging for drying, Dry in shade

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Requirement and Need for Thermals

The thermal wear is a type of clothing which is worn under your clothes for keeping your body warm during winters. The thermals are made of the special fabric which helps in protecting against cold. The thermal wear for women traps body heat to provide warmth. Read more

How Thermals Work

The thermal inner wear for womens is designed in a way that they remain close to a woman’s skin so that the body can stay warm. The fabric of the thermals does not allow the air to escape which helps in keeping the body warm throughout the day. They also prevent evaporative cooling. Read more

Types of Thermal Clothing

On basis of weight, they are classified as: Read more

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Light weight
  • Mid weight
  • Heavy weight

One the basis of fabric, they are classified as:

  • Synthetic thermal wear
  • Cotton thermal wear
  • Wool thermal wear
  • Silk thermal wear

Styles of Thermal Clothing

On the basis of styles, the thermals for women are classified into full sleeves which are long sleeved inner thermals for women. The next is half sleeves thermals for women and the last is sleeveless thermal wear which protects only chest from cold. Read more

Materials of Thermals

The fabric of the winter inner wear for womens must be soft on the skin yet resilient enough to withstand cold and keep you warm. The types of fabric used are synthetic, wool, silk, and cotton. You can choose the material as per your comfort. Read more

Difference between Merino wool vs. Wool blend vs. Cotton Thermals

The Merino wool womens thermal wear are made from 100% extra fine wool which is suitable for temperature below zero degree. The wool blend thermals are made of blended wool which is a combination of pure and made wool. The cotton wool is made of two layers of cotton with polyfill filled in between. Read more

Features of Thermals

  • The quilted thermals for women’s regulate the body temperature keeping it dry and warm.
  • They are stretchable and don’t restrict your body movement.
  • They prevent build-up of bacteria.
  • The moisture wicking quality keeps you dry and reduces moisture.

Sizes in Thermals

The blended wool thermals for women’s are available in a variety of sizes. The standard size for women varies from 80 cm to 150 cm. for young girls and children, the thermals are available based on age group. You can refer size chart before buying the thermals. Read more

Thermal Pricing

The price of winter thermal wear for womens depends on the fabric as merino wool is priced higher than others. The price also depends on the design of the thermal. You may have to pay a higher price if you choose the combo pack instead of single top and bottom. The price also varies based on the brand. Read more

Benefits of Thermal Wear

The thermal vest womens can be helpful in keeping your warm if you live in a region with cold climate. The thermal wear allows performing routine activities without decking you up in layers of clothes. They are available easily as well as quite affordable so everyone can buy them. Read more

How to Layer Thermals

  • Base Layer of winter thermal wear for womens is worn quite close to the skin such as thermal underwear for women.
  • The Mid layer is for additional thermal insulation made of loose weave fabric.
  • Top layer is the one which protects body against weather and cope with severe climate. Read more

Characteristics of a Good Thermal Wear

  • The garment should be lightweight and breathable.
  • The thermal underwear should be comfortable and safe for regular use.
  • The fabric should not be itchy.
  • The underwear must fit under your pants.
  • The underwear must help in regulating body temperature. Read more

Guide to Buying Thermal Wear

  • Make a priority of what you want to buy as different fabrics fulfil different needs.
  • Keep in mind a specific budget as it comes in various price range.
  • Be aware of your size so that you can pick the right size whether it is top, pant, or thermal underwear for women.
  • You must also check the brand for quality.

Difference between Light weight, mid weight, and heavy weight thermals

  • The light weight thermal is not very warm as they are thin and can be worn below a regular shirt. For little warmth, it is a good option.
  • The mid-weight thermal offers extra warmth and comfort and is suited for colder climates.
  • Heavy-weight thermals help in keeping your warm to withstand harsh temperatures. Read more

Why buy from us?

We are India’s first winter exclusive portal which focuses on offering best quality thermal wear for women. We are known for fast delivery and a wide range of collection for every group of people. We believe in maintaining long term relations with our customers.

When to Wear Thermals?

The thermals for women are worn in winter season or when you are travelling to a place with cold climatic condition. The thermals should be worn during winters to keep your body warm. Apart from woolen clothes, thermals are a good way of keeping yourself warm.

Taking Care of Thermals

For keeping your thermals in good condition for long, you need to take care of them extensively. You need to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the thermal garment. Also, you need to take care of the garment based on the fabric.  Read more

Colours for Thermals

The womens thermal wear are available in 3 different colours. You can by the thermal wear for women online in shades of grey, cream, and white colours. On the other hand, the darker and lighter shades have their own advantages. So, you can choose the colour that suits your needs.

Storing Thermals

The best thermal wear for womens must be stored seasonally and you must first get rid f the thermals that are worn out. Use big containers and storage bags for storing the thermals. Before storing them, make sure you wash them gently. Read more

How to Wash Thermals?

You should wash the thermals with cold water for preventing the shrinking. You should only machine air-dry the thermals. Instead of hanging those up, you should lay them flat on a towel for drying. Other ways of washing may make them lose the shape or shrinkage. Read more

Sleeves of Thermals Based on the page

On the basis of sleeves, the thermals can be divided into three categories, full sleeves, half sleeves, and sleeveless. While the full sleeves offer absolute warmth, the half sleeves are for people who can’t wear full sleeves. The sleeveless is for people who wish to cover only the chest.

Types of Women Thermal

For women, the types of thermal wear can be classified as Blouse type, slip type tops, camisole type tops, and bottom thermal wear. You can pick the choice of thermal wear based on your requirement or outfit.

Styles of Thermals Wear Gender Based

You can find two styles of winter inner for womens in the market. The first one is one piece of thermal clothing which can be either top or bottom. The next piece of clothing is two pieces that comes in a set and is available in combos.

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