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The thermal clothes are made from high-quality materials which provide warmth by retaining the heat of the body. Thermals are made of fabric that gives a soft feeling on the skin and is breathable that prevents the body from being suffocated. Wearing thermal clothing prevents the body heat from escaping. Thermal is the base layer clothing for men, women and kids. Base layer clothing helps to keep the body warm by absorbing body heat within and storing it. Some of the most important thermal wears for men’s are under shirt, top, and bottom leggings.

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Merino Wool Thermals for Men

WoolMark Certified, Very Thin, Odour Free


80CM, 85CM, 90CM. 100CM

Soft, Comfortable, Moisture Wicking,


105CM, 110CM, 110CM – 120CM

Merino Wool Thermals for Women

Very Thin, Soft, Comfortable, Suitable for Zero Degrees, Elastic Waistline


80CM, 85CM, 90CM, 95CM, 100CM

Very Thin, Natural Breathability, Moisture Wicking, Odour Free


110CM, 105 – 115CM, 110CM – 120CM

Merino Wool Thermals for Toddlers

Pure Merino Wool, Natural Breathability, Odour Free


6 – 18 M, 18 – 24 M

Soft, Comfortable, Moisture Wicking, Very Thin


2 – 3 Y, 4 – 5 Y

Merino Wool Thermals for Kids

Natural Breathability, Soft, Comfortable, Suitable Below Zero Degrees


6 – 18 M, 18 – 24 M, 2 – 3 Y, 4 – 5 Y

Moisture Wicking, Odour Free, Natural Breathability, Very Thin


6 – 7 Y, 8 – 10 Y, 10 – 11 Y, 12 – 14 Y

Thermals are available in full sleeves, half sleeves and sleeveless range. Thermal clothes are very effective in resisting the weather condition thus enabling the people to do their daily activities. Cotton and wool fabrics have been used for such a long time to create clothes intended for winter because these materials can hold warmth effectively. Today, synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon and polypropylene are also being used. Generally, all clothing for winter is created from a combination of synthetic and natural fibres. A thermal wear is effective and will give you the toughest protection against the weather condition if you choose it by yourself. The fabric is an example of technology in textile engineering. It comprises several layers of various materials to guarantee breathability, UV protection and high warmth. A good thermal wear should be lightweight, safe and comfortable to use. It should also have the capability to insulate and regulate the temperature of the body.

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As a customer, you deserve the best. And we ensure that with the kind of products we market at our portal. They are made from extremely high-quality fabrics. We have a wide variety of selection, be it for men, women, or children. We will find anything related to winter wear at our portal. To ensure top-class quality, all our garments go through a series of quality checks. To make it even better, we do not overprice the products we market. To make it accessible to everybody, these thermals are extremely affordable. With a smooth delivery, you can stay assured that the product will be delivered just at the prescribed time.

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