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The thermal clothes are made from high-quality materials which provide warmth by retaining the heat of the body. Thermals are made of fabric that gives a soft feeling on the skin and is breathable that prevents the body from being suffocated. Wearing thermal clothing prevents the body heat from escaping. Thermal is the base layer clothing for men, women and kids. Base layer clothing helps to keep the body warm by absorbing body heat within and storing it. Some of the most important thermal wears for men’s are under shirt, top, and bottom leggings. Buy thermal wear online India.

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Merino Wool Thermals for Men

WoolMark Certified, Very Thin, Odour Free


80CM, 85CM, 90CM. 100CM

Soft, Comfortable, Moisture Wicking,


105CM, 110CM, 110CM – 120CM

Merino Wool Thermals for Women

Very Thin, Soft, Comfortable, Suitable for Zero Degrees, Elastic Waistline


80CM, 85CM, 90CM, 95CM, 100CM

Very Thin, Natural Breathability, Moisture Wicking, Odour Free


110CM, 105 – 115CM, 110CM – 120CM

Merino Wool Thermals for Toddlers

Pure Merino Wool, Natural Breathability, Odour Free


6 – 18 M, 18 – 24 M

Soft, Comfortable, Moisture Wicking, Very Thin


2 – 3 Y, 4 – 5 Y

Merino Wool Thermals for Kids

Natural Breathability, Soft, Comfortable, Suitable Below Zero Degrees


6 – 18 M, 18 – 24 M, 2 – 3 Y, 4 – 5 Y

Moisture Wicking, Odour Free, Natural Breathability, Very Thin


6 – 7 Y, 8 – 10 Y, 10 – 11 Y, 12 – 14 Y


Best Thermals are available in full sleeves, half sleeves and sleeveless range. Thermal clothes are very effective in resisting the weather condition thus enabling the people to do their daily activities. Cotton and wool fabrics have been used for such a long time to create clothes intended for winter because these materials can hold warmth effectively. Today, synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon and polypropylene are also being used. Generally, all clothing for winter is created from a combination of synthetic and natural fibres. A warm and dry thermal wear is effective and will give you the toughest protection against the weather condition if you choose it by yourself. The fabric is an example of technology in textile engineering. It comprises several layers of various materials to guarantee breathability, UV protection and high warmth. A good snug fitting should be lightweight, safe and comfortable to use. It should also have the capability to insulate and regulate the temperature of the body.

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The term “Thermal Wear” has been in the market for quite a few years. The word “Thermal” is primarily used to specify a particular category of clothing. These garments are worn by people to keep the body warm, especially in places where the temperature can be cold and harsh. The properties of thermal wear vary on the basis of wicking, air permeability, and thickness properties. They are available in several different fabrics, known for having their advantages and disadvantages. A significant factor that makes winter inner wear desirable is the fitting. They fit tightly and is a popular form of winter underwear. The outer layer is made up of knitted wool fabric.

Requirement and need for thermals

Thermal underwear is a must-have during the winter season. It not only controls the temperature, but also absorbs the body’s perspiration. It is useful for keeping the body warm and comfortable indoors as well as outdoors. As winter thermal wear are lightweight, it gives the freedom to stay away from very heavy winter clothing. Read more

How Thermals Work?

Its mechanism is straightforward. In order to stay warm in the winters, thermal wears are designed to be very close to the skin. As per a physics concept, trapped air can be a great form of insulation. The fabric of the thermal wear does not allow the air to escape, which, in turn, helps in keeping the body warm throughout the day. If the fabric is not well-fitting, it may cause heat pockets in certain areas, preventing the spread of warmth evenly. Another major factor that makes the best thermal wear in India useful is the fact that it fights against evaporative cooling. Thermals are known to wick sweat away, which helps in minimising evaporative cooling. Read more

Types of Thermal Clothing

The types of thermal clothing might vary depending on two different categories. It can be either the weight of the fabric or the type of material used. Thermals are flatlock seems to provide comfort. Best Thermal wear as per the fabric’s weight, thermal wear can be:

•    Ultra Lightweight

•    Light Weight

•    Mid Weight

•    Heavy Weight

The typical kinds of fabrics used in thermal clothing include:

•    Synthetic Thermal Wear

•    Cotton Thermal Wear

•    Woolen Thermal Wear

•    Silk Thermal Wear

All of them are different from one another and are known to have their advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding to buy thermal wear, it is better to consider several factors. 

Styles of Thermal Wear

When it comes to styles of thermal wear online, there are mainly two types that are available in the market. They are:

•    One piece of thermal clothing. It can either be the top or bottom wear. 

•    Two pieces of thermal clothing available in a set. They are usually available in a combo.

Both the types are close fitting to allow warmth to spread evenly. However, the sleeves of the thermal top can also be of different styles. As per your requirement, you can choose between full sleeves, half sleeves, and sleeveless. Depending on the temperature, you can make an educated choice. 

Material of Thermals

The fabric used for making the thermal wear needs to be soft yet resilient to withstand the weather conditions. The common fabrics used for thermal clothing include:

•    Synthetic – Suited mainly for freezing temperatures. It can be combined with nylon, lycra, spandex, and polyester.

•    Wool – The merino wool fabric is an excellent option as it can balance moisture and body temperature effectively, irrespective of the weather condition. It ican be wore in extremely cold weather. 

•    Silk – It is lightweight and great for moderately cold weather. It has a soft texture and is great for recreational snow sports.

•    Cotton – It is very soft and retains body temperature well. However, it isn't great when it comes to moisture managing properties.

Difference between Merino wool vs.Woolblend vs. Cotton Thermals

Therml wear can be of different types, depending on the type of material used for making it. Merino Wool, coming from Merino sheep, is famous for its fantastic shine, softness, and breathability. Woolblend, make from wool fibres and man-made/natural fibres is medium weight, warm, and satiny. Cotton, being the most common and comfortable material, is quite popular among the masses. Read more

Features of Thermals

Thermal clothing can help in satisfying several needs of an individual. Therefore, they contain some aspects like:

•    Warmth – As they regulate the body temperature, thermals help in keeping the body dry and warm.

•    Stretch – Thermals are stretchable and do not restrict body movements.

•    Bacteria Resistance – In cold climates, taking a shower every day may not be feasible. In such cases, thermals curb the build-up of bacteria.

•    Loft – Having low-density weaves helps in retaining the shape of the thermal wear while trapping air in between the layers.

•    Moisture Wicking – This feature helps in keeping the person dry while wearing the thermal clothing. It helps in reducing moisture from the sweat or external atmosphere. 

Sizes in Thermals

Thermals wears are available in a range of sizes for men, women, and children. As men, women, and children vastly differ in their body shapes and sizes, the standard size brackets for these three categories are very different. For adults, the size can go as low as 80 cm and as high as 150 cm. The thermal wear size categories for children are available on the basis of the age. It can be as low as six months and as high as 14 years. Read more

In order to pick the right thermal clothing for yourself, follow the size chart correctly to find an accurate match. 

Thermal Pricing

The cost of thermal clothing will vary on many factors. The fabric is one of the significant factors that determine the price of the garment. Merino wool falls in the higher end of rates. The type of design you choose will also affect the cost of the product, such as full sleeves or sleeveless. The price will be higher if you are purchasing a combo set instead of a single top or bottom. The prices for adults and kids are also different. Another major factor that determines the cost of a thermal garment is the brand. If you purchase a low-quality product, it will be cheaper than its counterparts. However, thermal wear is available at very reasonable rates as compared to other winter garments. Read more

Benefits of Thermal Wear

Thermal wear can be extremely beneficial when you want to stay warm in a cold climatic region. It is not very practical to clad the body with layers of clothing, mainly when you can to socialise or take part in outdoor activities. Thermal wear offers an excellent opportunity for people to stay warm without having to restrict the functions or look weird. Thermal wear helps in guarding the body against four processes of heat loss, namely radiation, evaporation, convection, and conduction. As they are also available at a reasonable price, they can be an asset to people who love to engage in activities like ice climbing, skiing, winter backpacking, mountaineering, and so on.

How to Layer Thermals?

There are mainly three layers to follow to stay prepared for cold climates. They are: Read more

•    Base Layer – It is also called the foundation layer which is worn very close to the skin. The base layer is usually thermal underwear. Moisture management is absolutely necessary for the base layer. It is better to avoid natural fibres, like cotton, as it is known for high absorbency.

•    Mid Layer – This layer must provide additional thermal insulation in a considerable amount. They are usually of loose weave fabric that allows pockets of warm air.

•    Top Layer – This layer has to be the one that protects the body against the weather. The top layer helps in withstanding severe climatic conditions.

Characteristic of a Good Thermal Wear

In order to decide whether a thermal garment is a good one, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Some of the factors that make up great thermal underwear are:

•    The garment needs to be lightweight. As it will be next to your skin, it must allow breathability.

•    The thermal underwear needs to be safe and comfortable for regular use. If the fabric is itchy, it may not be a good option.

•    The underwear needs to be an active fit. Therefore, it must fit perfectly under a pair of pants or a shirt.

•    The thermal wear must help in regulating body temperature, insulation, and fast wicking. 

Guide to Buying Thermal Wear

When you go shopping for men, women, and kids thermal wear online, remember to:

•    Establish your priority. Different fabrics fulfil different needs, and you should choose the one that fits your needs correctly.

•    Have a budget in mind. Different thermal products come in different price ranges. If you are aware of your budget, you can filter the options correctly.

•  Choose the correct size. Be aware of your size and select accordingly. If you are purchasing online, make sure that you try it on and see if it fits you perfectly.

•    Lastly, remember to check the brand. The quality of the product largely depends on the brand. Also, do not forget to purchase from a reliable store. 

Difference between Light Weight, Mid Weight and Heavy Weight Thermals

There are fundamental differences between the lightweight, mid-weight, and heavyweight thermals. Choose the right one according to your needs.

•    Light Weight – It provides moisture wicking but isn’t very warm. As they are thin, it can be work below a regular shirt as well. For little extra warmth, a lightweight thermal is a good option.

•    Mid Weight – This category provides extra warmth along with simple moisture wicking. They help in keeping warm and comfortable and is suited for slightly colder climates.

•    Heavy Weight – They are the warmest base layers available. They are made to provide extra warmth to withstand the harshest temperatures for extended time periods. Read more

When to Wear Thermals

Thermals for women, men and kids are the base layer for cold climatic regions. They are like innerwear and is ideally worn under other winter garments, like cardigans, jackets, and so on. Typically, it is advised to wear thermals during the winter season when the temperature is cooler than before. If the indoor temperature is below 18°C, you can wear thermals during the day. For people looking for an extra level of warmth, thermals can be a good source. Take it off in case you are sweating or feeling hot. You must also avoid wearing it if you feel itchy. Some of the thermals made from polypropylene can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Taking Care of Thermals

If you want to make sure that your thermals are in good shape for a long time, you will have to take care of them extensively. The first step in taking care of your thermal garments would be to follow the specific instructions laid by the manufacturers. Here are some of the guidelines that will help you take care of your thermal clothes in a better way.

  • Cotton – If you want to prevent your cotton thermals from shrinking, it is best to wash using cold water. These thermals take a long time to dry. Air-drying is the best way to get the desired results. If you are looking for faster results, you may want to lay the thermal flat on top of a towel. If you hang them, the fabric might stretch with time and lose its natural shape.
  • Silk – If you own silk thermal garments, it is best to opt for the delicate options while operating your washing machine You can also choose to hand-wash the silk product as it is a delicate item.
  • Wool – The instructions to care for wool thermals is also quite similar to cotton thermals. You must avoid hanging it as it could stretch the garment gradually. You can prevent shrinking by opting cold water wash.
  • Synthetic Fibres – These fabrics can dry very quickly, hence anybody can care for them very easily. For better results, washing them inside out is recommended. They can also be cleaned with warm water. You can also hang up as they do not lose their original shape. 

Colours of Thermals

Thermal products are mainly available in three different colours in the market. Most of the stores have them in various shades of grey, cream, and white colours. The lighter shades and darker shades have their advantages. Light colours can be bright and are mostly suited for mild temperatures. However, they can quickly get dirty.

Darker shades are known to absorb more light. Therefore, it can help you stay warm. As they are dark in colour, it may not appear very dirty after being worn two or three times. Depending on your needs, choose a colour that best suits you.

Storing Thermals

Storing thermal wear for women and men can be a challenge, especially when there is limited closet space. It is always better to store your garments seasonally. First of all, you must get rid of thermals that are worn out or used to the point of tearing, stretching, or fading.

If it is off-season and you want to store your thermals somewhere safe, consider using large storage bags or containers with lids. It will help in protecting your thermals along with other winter garments from little critters, fluctuating temperatures, dirt, and dust. Before you store them, make sure that you have washed them properly. The more you care for them, the longer they will stay usable. Try to store your thermals in a temperature-controlled environment, especially if the ones made of silk or wool. Storing them in a damp place can invite mould or mildew. Storing near scorching temperatures will also not be practical. If you wish to keep your thermals and other winter garments organised, go ahead and label your bags or containers. You can either keep them under the bed, on the top shelf, on the attic or garage shelf, or in the guest bedroom closet.

During the winter season, you may want to store your thermal garments somewhere in close reach. You can stack them in reachable shelves or dresser drawers. Make sure that you fold them correctly. It will help in maintaining the shape. If your thermal is lightweight, you may want to hang it in your wardrobe, especially if you wear them often. Read more

How to Wash Thermals

Woollen Thermals – In extreme climatic conditions, many people rely on woollen thermals as the first layer of protection. In order to maintain these woollen thermals well, it is essential to wash them correctly.

Hand wash is much useful when you own woollen thermals. Make use of lukewarm water and a mild detergent to get the job done. It is essential that you rinse thoroughly. Most woollen thermals can be washed using a washing machine. You need to select the delicate option when you are cleaning wool thermals along with a short spin cycle. In both the cases, ensure that you use line drying method instead of tumble drying.

Wool Blend Thermals – These thermals are known for softness, durability, and warmth. It is known to provide a sleek and comfortable fit. If cared properly, it can stay in shape for several years.

You can wash them with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. These thermals can be machine-washed using the same technique as in woollen thermals. After rinsing, you can spread it flat for air-drying.

Cotton Thermals – These are the cheapest thermals and can be useful when you do not have a very active lifestyle. Use warm water with a mild detergent. It is essential that you rub the garment gently because it can soak all the soapy water. Keep rinsing till you remove all the soap. For machine-wash make sure that you use a soft detergent and cold water. Select the delicate wash cycle while washing the thermals. After you are done with washing, keep the garment flat for air-drying. Read more

Sleeves of thermals

Wool thermals are found in three distinct kinds of sleeves. The Long Sleeves cover both the arms and provide maximum warmth. Half sleeved winter thermalscover the bicep region, and is suited for those who cannot wear full sleeves. Sleeveless ones are best suited for protecting the chest region. 

Types/styles of thermal Gender based

When it comes to thermals for men and women, the features are quite similar. The qualities of the products are same. Both have three types of sleeve styles. As the body structures of men and women differ vastly, the sizes of thermal innerwear will be different in the market.

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