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Womens Winter Coats Online India Woollen-Wear is a popular site that markets all types of winter wear made in India. One can browse the site at leisure, view the products and their prices and decide to place an order. One can shop throughout the year and especially in the winter months. Women’s wear includes thermals, jackets, coats, shawls, sweaters, cardigans, Kurtis and tops and accessories like gloves, socks, stoles, and caps. Winter coats are a popular item sold by us. Winter coats are made of wool as well as acrylic –wool combination. They are available in a range of attractive colours like royal blue, purple, pink, cream, off-white, emerald, and gold. Emerald and gold coats look particularly attractive and luxurious. Ladies wool coats are very comfortable and durable. Wool offers great competition to cotton to make winter wear. Wool has the following qualities, which is lacking in other fabrics; • Outer look: Wool can have either look of silky and fine threads to thick, coarse yarn. The fabric can, thus, vary from smooth and lightweight to coarse and thick. • Provides warmth: Wool fibres have the ability to trap air and not allow heat to escape from the body. It also prevents cold air to enter the body. Thus, it has good insulating quality, which is very desirable in cold climates. • Water resistant: Wool can absorb moisture to a high degree. Wool fibres are hydrophilic meaning they readily absorb moisture (even up to one third of its weight), but are not hollow. • Fire resistant: It ignites at a higher temperature than other fabrics, has a lower rate of flame spread and does not drip or melt. Hence, they are a safe fabric. • Durable: If properly cared for, woollen coats can hold their shape from thirty to forty years. • Hypoallergenic: They do not cause allergies as they repel mould, bacteria, and dust mites. With such immense qualities, women can wear winter coats both at work and parties. Winter coats from our site are of high quality. We aim to give you 100% satisfaction from our products.

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