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on 05/01/2019
Receive the order . All products are superb......we like it. Caps are wonderful for kids.
on 14/06/2018
Thank you for your prompt service and good quality products. Will recommend to others.
on 11/06/2018
Winter products as described, delivery as described. Thank you for your prompt service. I am happy customer with this kids cap
on 10/06/2018
Easy, straightforward, no hassle. Good stuff

Kids Winter Caps

Woollen-Wear is a site where you can buy winter wear sourced from India. We have something for every man, woman or child. It is easy to shop at the click of a button from anywhere at any time. Pictures of products and their prices are displayed for convenience of shopping. Collection for kids includes winter jackets (boy’s jackets and girl’s jackets), thermal wear (pure wool thermals and cotton thermals), winter socks (pure wool socks), winter gloves (pure wool gloves), school stuff, winter caps (acrylic caps) and pure wool school socks. Winter cap is a popular item at our site.

Features of Our Winter Caps

The collection includes Jacquard Acrylic caps of triangle design , black and white , circle design , stars design , diamond design , stripe design flower design , check design, girlish and two tone dora cap. A winter cap was originally made of wool, but today it is made of synthetic fibres like Acrylic too. It provides warmth in cold weather. There are many varieties like boggan (South American English), stocking cap, watch cap (American English), beanie, Tuque (Canada). Most winter caps are tapered at the top; they may have ear flaps or be topped with a pompom. A Bobble cap is a type of knit cap, which has a pompom or a yarn bobble at the top. The tuque does not have a pompom on the top. Acrylic caps are soft, lightweight and keep warm. They are an excellent substitute for wool, especially for those allergic to wool. Acrylic is resistant to mould, moths and bacteria. It is ideal for cap as it cannot be affected by exposure to sunlight. It helps to avoid sweat build upon the head as it wicks away moisture.

Caps for Kids –





Acrylic Wool Caps

Black, Red, Maroon, Navy

One Size

Soft, Comfortable, Long Lasting

Grey, Green, Brown, Yellow

WoolMark Certified, Assured Satisfaction

Pure Wool Caps

Dark-Grey, Pink, Cream

Warm, Non-Itchy, Odour Free

Blue, Skin, Purple

Machine Washable, Light Weight

Why Choose Woollen Wear

Woollen Wear is all about maintaining its quality. In order to ensure this aspect, each and every product features in our online portal have to go through series of quality checks. But, the quality is not overpriced. We understand that our customers are diverse. Keeping everyone’s budget in mind, we offer amazing deals and discounts of our clients. Our winter caps for children are absolutely adorable. The options available are spectacular. There are different patterns, designs, and colours available in our portal to add variety to your kid’s winter closet collection. We aim to make your shopping of our collection of winter caps for children the most enjoyable and satisfying experience.We will do anything in our power to keep our customers satisfied. So, why wait? Go through our extensive collection right away. Taking Care for Winter Caps: Spread on Flat for Dry, Use Warm Water,Do not Squeezing, Use Mild detergent.

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