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Woollen-Wear is a portal that markets a collection of winter wear for kids sourced from India. We cater to men, women and children. We believe in giving you 100% satisfaction with your shopping experience with us. One can view the pictures of products, compare and contrast prices and take an informed decision to make a purchase. One can shop at the click of a button and from anywhere.


The collection for kids winter wear online is fairly extensive. It includes winter gloves (pure wool and acrylic gloves), winter jackets (boy’s jackets and girl’s jackets), merino wool thermal wear (pure wool thermals and cotton thermals), winter school stuff, winter caps (acrylic caps), pure wool school socks and winter socks (pure wool socks). Come winter, parents are in a quandary over what to purchase as winter wear for their children. Winter wear must be useful, warm and fitting the family budget. Fabrics for kid’s winter wear include cotton, wool, wool blend and acrylic. Cotton is ideal for thermals. It is light and airy. It is suitable for facing modestly cool weather.

Wool is a truly versatile natural fibre. It resists wrinkles and is easy to clean. It has balanced thermal insulation properties- keeps warm in winter and cool in summer. It is hypoallergenic- resistant to mildew, mould and bacteria. It resists dust, lint and dirt. It is fire resistant, sustainable and eco-friendly. For those kids, who are allergic to wool, acrylic or cotton wool is an excellent substitute. It is soft and light weight. It wicks away moisture so skin remains dry. It is resistant to chemicals, moths, and oils, as well as, wrinkles and shrinkages.

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Once you place an order for kids winter wear you can rest in peace. Once the order is processed, you can track the order till taking delivery of the product.

Why Woollen-Wear Is the Best?

Woollen Wear is all about displaying high quality products. All the items need to go through series of quality checks to ensure that they are the best. The kid’s section is filled with a variety of options. They cater to all the requirements of children during the winter, especially concerning garments. Woollen Wear are caters to the budget to every customer by introducing a friendly price range.

Kid’s winter wear from our site is of the highest quality. We aim to build a long term relationship with you- you are welcome to come back to our site for more and more purchases.

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