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Buy Best Kids Winter Gloves @Woollen-Wear

Woollen-Wear is a site that markets winter wear collection for men, women and children. It is an easy way to shop with pictures of products displayed along with their prices. Kid’s collection includes winter gloves (pure wool gloves), winter jackets (boy’s jackets and girl’s jackets), winter socks (pure wool socks), school stuff, winter caps (acrylic caps) and thermal wear (pure wool thermals and cotton thermals).

Winter gloves are accessories for kids useful in facing cold winters. Kids’ winter caps help in covering the head and ears, the most sensitive organs of the body. They are finest quality wool gloves certified by Wool mark for its genuineness. Our collection of kid’s gloves includes plain pure wool hand gloves and baby pure wool plain gloves. We have acrylic gloves too. Our gloves are the best in cold weather gear for kids. They keep the little hands warm in the frigid winters. They are ideal for cold weather activities like hiking and skiing. They keep the hands completely concealed from inclement weather outside.




Wool is an excellent fabric for gloves. The wool fibres trap air so they keep body heat from escaping outside. This is the same even for the kids’ winter socks and other accessories. They also help keep cool in moderate climate. Thus, they have good insulating properties. Wool resist wrinkles- it is like a spring, which has natural crimp that enables it to retain its shape even when stretched. It absorbs pollutants and is naturally anti-static, so it repels dust, lint and dirt. It absorbs moisture so you don’t feel damp even when there is sweat or exposure to rain. Acrylic has most of the positive traits of wool and is an excellent substitute. A plus point is that it is cheaper than wool.

Check out some of the prominent features of our kids’ hand gloves in the website:


Kids Hand Gloves -








Pure Wool Gloves

Pre Wool, Long Lasting, Odour Free, Warm, Suitable for 0 Degrees

Black, Brown

P3, P6


Light Weight, Natural Breathability, Comfortable




Acrylic Wool Gloves

Acrylic Wool, Non Itchy

Red, Green



Soft, Warm, Comfortable





Why Choose Woollen Wear?


Our kid’s gloves are guaranteed to please you. As customer satisfaction is one of the major concerns of Woollen-Wear, we display products in our portal that are made of premium quality fabrics. Your kid’s comfort is our utmost priority. This is the reason why these clothing items go through a series of quality checks. Along with quality, we also give significant importance to comfort and warmth. Our marketed products serve the purpose for what it was manufactured.

By ordering from us, you can enjoy a complete peace of mind when you place an order with us. You can track the order and take delivery of the product as soon as possible. We offer to expedite shipping so there is no delay in enjoying our product. So, why wait! Start going through our hand glove collection for kids right away!

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