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Woolmark Certified Gloves Suitable for Below Zero Degree For Men
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Customer Reviews
on 28/11/2019
Fits properly. I am satisfied with the quality of the gloves, used it in sub zero temp also.
on 12/09/2018
Perfect all as described... Great product
on 12/09/2018
These gloves are very high quality and I am very impressed, they do allow for a good range of motion. I have no doubt that these will keep my hands warm in temperatures down to zero and probably below as well.
on 20/06/2018
I live in Ludhiana. I bought these gloves, these are very well made and ideal for short trips around town in the cold. They hug the fingers nicely which makes it easy to handle keys, get the wallet,etc.. love them .Your service is very fast .
on 18/06/2018
I love this because all the finger work. And it blends in with the whole glove, no funky looking finger tip and warm enough
on 21/02/2018
I got Brown ones instead of Black. I had specifically ordered for this because the picture showed black any ways okay


Buy Premium Quality Winter Gloves for Men @ Woollen-Wear

Woollen-Wear is a portal devoted to bring you the best of winter wear. We bring you garments like thermals and jackets and accessories like caps and gloves. Men’s gloves from our company are of the finest quality. These gloves are made from pure wool that is certified by Woolmark. They come in two styles: pure wool hands gloves plain and pure wool hand gloves tuck.

Men’s gloves from our company are of the finest quality. They come in pure wool that is certified by Wool mark. Acrylic gloves will figure in our collection as we are going to introduce the same soon. The Pure wool collection comes in two styles: pure wool hands gloves plain and pure wool hand gloves tuck. There is also a line-up of Extra Long Quality. Men’s gloves marketed by us are sophisticated, stylish warmth for your hands.




Our gloves are the ultimate in cold weather gear. They keep your hands warm and toasty in the coldest of weathers. They are ideal for outdoor winter activities like cold weather runs, hikes and climbs.

Our acrylic gloves are all you need. They keep your hands cosy and completely concealed. You can use additional glove liners for extra warmth. They can be used for activities like cycling and running. They are effective and protective and hark back to a less complicated era.

Here are some of the prominent features of our woollen gloves for men’s wear:


Woolen Gloves For Mens -








Pure Wool Gloves

Wool Blend, Odour Free, Cozy, Suitable for 0 degrees

Black, Brown, Grey

P2, P3

Plain, Extra Long

Long Lasting, Light Weight, Comfortable

Blue, Dark Grey

P6, P12

Tuck Design, Designer

Acrylic Wool Gloves

Acrylic Wool, Soft, Warm, Comfortable, Cozy

Brown, Grey, Blue



Winter Gloves Combo

Acrylic Wool, Pure Wool, Warm, Long Lasting

Red, Black

P2, P3

Light Weight, Odour Free, Comfortable, Cozy

Brown, Grey

P6, P12


Wool lining provides naturally thermal, wicking fibres next to the skin to keep hands warm and dry. Finding a glove with proper insulation is important. Properly insulated gloves give breathability and superior warmth without compromising fit and restricting movement. The conditions and temperature you are exposed to will determine the type of glove you require. Plain gloves are good for moderately cold temperature while tuck gloves are suitable for colder temperature. In cold temperatures, you might want to wear an extra layer of gloves. Wool is an ideal material for keeping warm. The fibres trap air and keep it close to the body so that body heat does not escape the material. It also absorbs moisture, so you don’t feel wet.


Why Choose Us?

Gloves from Woollen-Wear are durable as well as stylish. We have several options in our pure wool gloves collection. They are in sober shades of grey and black. We intend to build a long term relationship with customers. This is the reason we pay close attention to the quality of our products. They go through a series of quality checks to enhance customer satisfaction. When you order from Woollen-Wear, you need not have any worries while placing the order, waiting for the shipment or after using the product. We have everything covered.

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