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Parka's Jackets View All(36)
Parka style jackets for women
Rs. 4,695.00
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Rs. 4,795.00
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Rs. 4,195.00
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Rain & Winter jackets View All(27)
Jackets that give rain & winter protection for women
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Rs. 4,795.00
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Rs. 4,795.00
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Snow jackets View All(26)
Jackets for snow for below zero degrees for women
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Rs. 5,095.00
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Rs. 4,795.00
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Casual Wear Jackets View All(12)
Jackets for regular wear for women
Leather Jackets View All(6)
Stylish leather Jackets for casual wear for women
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Customer Reviews
on 12/12/2018
Thank you team woollen-wear. My overall shopping experience was great. I would like to convey that I was happy with the product, delivery as well as the replacement process also.
on 13/10/2018
I got this amazing nylon jacket from Woollen Wear. I wanted something water and snow resistant and I found it in the portal in such a beautiful colour. The delivery was very quick and I was so happy with the overall look of the jacket. Loved that is was made with such a great fabric.
on 01/09/2018
Its a very great Jacket, with very good finish. Will surely recommend it. Their customer service is also excellent.
on 27/04/2018
Loved the jacket as well as the service of woollen-wear. Highly recommended for winter clothing
on 29/12/2017
Worth every penny!!! This is simply the best and warmest jacket I could ask for. I bought this to use it for a trip to a place where the temperatures varied from -2 to -8 and this coat kept me really really warm. I bought a couple of sweaters, socks and caps which were also good. Will definiyely recommend this to all my friends.
on 22/12/2017
I like this jacket verymuch

Browse Our Exclusive Range of Women’s Jackets!

We at Woollen-Wearstrongly believe in the mantra that every woman deserves to feel their stylish best regardless of the body shape, height, skin tone, or age. So, we try our level best to stock a plethora of styles of jackets for women so every kind of beauty can find something for them at our store when they buy womens jackets online.

Our stylists and fashion experts work very hard to curate winter clothing, which is a mix of super trendy styles as well as classic cuts and colours when it comes to womens jackets online India so there is something flattering for every body shape, height, skin tone, and age. However, these should not be the parameters for you to choose your outfits. You can wear anything that makes you feel confident and happy above all, and you are the sole judge for that.

Winter Jackets For Womens online -




Snow Jackets

Black, Brown, Navy, Wine, Olive

M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

Rain Jackets

Olive, Coffee, Navy, Black

M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

Parka Jackets

Black, Navy, Olive

M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

Leather Jackets

Brown, Coffee, Wine, Denim

M, L, XL, 2XL

Sleeveless Jackets

Khaki, Black, Grey, Olive, Navy

M, L, XL, 2XL


Each of the pieces that we display with pride in our store is a trophy of quality, style, and comfort amalgamated together effortlessly. So, there is no excuse for you not to look like the style diva you have always dreamt of regardless of the climate. When you browse through the different sections of clothing, make sure to look for the following essential jackets, which should grace the wardrobes of every fashionista.

Parka Jackets –It’s time for you to channel your inner supermodel off duty style, and our parkas will help you achieve just that. Our parka Jackets are super stylish, but what takes them from just a stylish jacket to a closet essential is their weather-proof built. To keep you at your warmest self even in the bone-chilling cold, our parkas are lined with fur that will keep you feeling cosy when the world is freezing. Then we have the lightweight poly filling, which traps even more heat within the jacket. The jackets are also water and snow resistant thanks to their nylon coating which makes them ideal for even the most unpredictable climates. For even more convenience they come with lined pockets for you to keep your knick knacks and also keep your palms warm. They also have a detachable hood attached to them so you can keep your ears protected from the abrasive wind. We assure you with true quality and comfort when you invest in one of our stylish parka jackets.

Sleeveless Jackets – For those women, who are looking for something that is suitable for layering over your sweaters and shirts as well as your ethnic kurtis, we have our chic sleeveless jackets to offer. For when the weather is cold enough for you to need some added warmth but not enough to bring out your full sleeved jacket shields, our comfortable sleeveless jacket is the answer. You can find them in neutral colours to match and blend into your outfit or as well as bright pastel shades to add a pop of colour to any of your dull outfits.

Leather Jackets – If there is one item of winter clothing that screams of style, then it has to be the leather jackets. Whether you want to add a little edge to your cute summer dresses or dress up like the rocker chick of your dreams, we have the right leather jackets for you. All of our leather jackets are made of synthetic leather or polyurethane, so you can feel guilt free to don these bad boys. We at Woollen-Wearare a big believer of cruelty free fashion and try to propagate that idea as much as possible with our synthetic leather jacket. Since they are made of synthetic leather, they are also easy on your pocket as they are much more affordable than real leather. We stock leather jackets which are suitable for the super cold regions as well as for regions with more moderate winters in this tropical country. We suggest you stock up on both the types so you can look stylish in every weather condition without putting in much effort.

Snow Jackets – Our snow jackets are of the most superior quality with three distinct layers to keep you super warm and fuzzy even in the chilliest of weathers. Our snow jackets have a soft and luxurious inner lining of fur which will feel very soft and warm again your skin. Then we have the layer of polyester filling which aids in tapping more heat within the jackets. But what makes them more special is their super lightweight which sets them apart from traditional jackets which can feel heavy and uncomfortable. And, finally, the nylon outer layer of the jacket makes it snow and water-resistant just like our Parka jackets to keep you dry and warm even if there is an occasion drizzle every now and then. Our snow jackets come in different lengths. You can choose longer women winter coats for more protection from the cold and also look classy. The longer jackets pair beautifully with sarees for a super stylish traditional look even in the dearth of winter while the hip length snow jackets are great to pair with skinny jeans and boots for your casual winter days. 

Rain Jackets – If you live in a region or planning to visit one which is cold and wet at the same time, then our rain jackets are a must-have for you. Our fur lined rain jackets for women’s will keep you warm and dry throughout the season without any hassle. They are made with an outer nylon layer to make them water resistant. 

So, if you have to build or upgrade your winter wardrobe, then visit us immediately without wasting any time and start filling up your shopping cart with exclusive pieces. With us by your side, you do not have to worry about getting duped by shady sellers because we take the responsibility and assure you with guaranteed quality.

Our main goal is to win the trust of our beloved customers and serve them with quality products at reasonable prices. You can always contact us at the provided contact number on our website at any time for assistance. We look forward to your visit at our store. 

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