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Thermal Wear

Merino Wool Thermals View All(16)
Extra Fine Merino Wool Thermals for men
Rs. 1,730.00
35 Loyalty Points
Rs. 3,080.00
62 Loyalty Points
Rs. 3,380.00
68 Loyalty Points
Cotton Thermals View All(12)
Quilted & Lycra thermal wear for men
Rs. 823.00
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Rs. 391.00
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Rs. 565.00
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WoolBlend Thermals View All(7)
Pure wool with acrylic wool blend thermals for warmness men
Thermal Combos View All(12)
Thermal wear combos for 25
Customer Reviews
on 13/10/2018
I gifted this to my father for his morning walks as he skips on thermals because he has never found something he liked. I was surprised he actually wore this. The merino wool material, comfortable fit and breathable fabric is perfect.
on 13/10/2018
This is exactly what I wanted for the winter season. I was looking for dark grey thermal set which is comfortable and feels soft too. This is made with high quality merino wool and I like that it features a full sleeves t-shirt.
on 13/10/2018
Never been so happy with a thermal set before. A big thumbs up to Woollen Wear for having so many colours and variety of thermals for men. This is made with merino wool material which I love because it doesn’t irritate my skin or feels itchy at all.
on 13/10/2018
Think good quality, want to buy. Will place order soon
on 08/01/2018
I was looking for full sleeves body warmers since a long time and thanks to my friend for suggesting me this website. These body warmers are soft, comfortable and you can wear it all day long without any troubles.
on 30/12/2017
These thermals are really warm and soft . Really solved my purpose ...... You can just slip on a t shirt and light jacket on this thermal and look casual cool ....and stay warm . I am buying a second pair for friend.

Men's Thermals

Woollen-Wear is a portal, which brings the best of winter wear to you, wherever you are. You can shop for winter wear all through the year and place an order online. In the winter, garments are chosen to help protect from the cold. Our thermals are a great way to layer up your garments. Thermals form the base layer. The mid layer may be sweaters and the outer layers may be shirts or overcoats or jackets. Depending on the temperature, you can peel away the garments one by one.

Thermal Wear For Men –





Merino Wool Thermals

Pure Merino Wool, WoolMark Certified, Very Thin, Natural Breathability, Odour Free


80CM, 85CM, 90CM, 95CM, 100CM

Moisture Wicking, Soft, Comfortable, Soft Ribbed Cuffs, Zero Degrees Suitable


105CM, 110CM, 110-120CM

Cotton Thermals

Cotton Quilted Thermals, Poly Fill, Warm, Ribbed Cuffs, Stretchable


80CM, 85CM, 90CM, 95CM

Ribbed Bottom, Elastic Waist, Soft, Comfortable, Snug Fit, Spandex Thermals


100CM, 105CM, 110CM

Wool Blend Thermals

Ribbed Cuffs, Elastic Waistline, Blended Wool, Odour Free


75CM, 80CM, 95CM, 90CM, 95CM

Long Lasting, Soft, Comfortable, Light Weight, Warm

100CM, 105CM, 110CM

Thermal Combos

Odour Free, Warm, Light Weight, Durable


75CM, 80CM, 85CM, 90CM, 95CM

Soft, Comfortable, Ribbed Cuffs, Elastic Waistline

100CM, 105CM, 110CM

Thermals provide warmth, as well as, help you feel and look good. Our portal ensures you have the best of both qualities: comfort and style. Mens thermal underwear are made of these materials: 100% Cotton, Pure wool, Wool blend and 100% Acrylic.

Majority of thermals are made of pure wool and wool blend. Pure wool and wool blend thermals are certified by Wool Mark. They are sourced from the finest manufacturers. They are machine washable and wrinkle proof. Types of Pure wool thermals include Sleeveless, Half sleeve Body warmer, Full Sleeve body warmer, Full sleeve vest body warmer, Short sleeve vest body warmer, Men’s Long John, Pure wool thermal combo of vest and Long Johns. Combos include sleeveless, full sleeve, half sleeve vests with long johns. There is even a pure wool family combo. Types of cotton thermals include short sleeve cotton body warmer, cotton long johns, full sleeve cotton body warmers and Sleeveless cotton body warmers. Combos include sleeveless, half sleeve and full sleeve body warmers cum long johns. Cotton vest types are also a great choice. Acrylic thermals from our site are mainly men’s acrylic vest half sleeve body warmers and men’s acrylic long johns.

You can be rest assured that products of the highest quality.

Choose Material of Thermal: ?

Merino Wool Thermals - are made from 100% extra fine merino wool. These are suitable for below zero degrees. 

Wool Blend Thermals - are made from blended wool that has a blend of pure wool and man made wool.

Spandex Elastic Thermals - are made from lycra, cotton and latex these are highly stretchable and body hugging.

Cotton Quilted Thermals - are made from two layers of cotton where polyfill is sandwitched in between.

Sleeve Style of Thermals ?

Fullsleeves (fs) - These are long sleeved inner thermals for men. Long sleeves have a ribbed end to provide maximum warmth.

Halfsleeves (hs) - These are half sleeves inner thermals for men. Good for those who cannot wear full sleeves thermals.

Sleeveless (sl) - These are sleeveless inner thermals for men. Sleeveless thermals are good for chest only cold protection.

Type of thermals:

Tops thermal wear - These are made to be weared as inner top wear thermal for men.

Bottom thermal wear - These are made to be weared as inner bottom wear thermal for men.


Use a very Mild detergent, Use lukewarm Water, Do not Tumble dry, Do not Bleach. No Hanging for drying, Dry in shade

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How to Layer Thermals: ?

Step 1- Wear the thermal Top & Bottom over your body directly as base layer 

Step 2- Wear the Shirt / Top / Sweatshirt over thermal base layer

Step 3- Then wear the Jacket over it

Features in Thermals ?

Thermals have variety of features as listed


Colors of Thermals:

Thermals can be of various colors depending on the material of the thermals.


How to Store Thermals:

Thermals can be stored as per listed features

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