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Ladies Winter Stoles Woollen-Wear is a portal that markets winter wear for men, women and children. One can shop year round for winter wear of all kinds. Our women collection includes coats, jackets, sweaters, cardigans, thermals and kurtis, shawls, stoles, gloves, mufflers, socks and caps. A stole is a type of shawl used by women usually made of soft fabric to wrap around the shoulders over a ball gown or party dress. It is a stylish wrap intended to fit snugly around the body. It is made of high end fabrics like Pashmina wool and meant to be worn for special occasions. Stoles in our collection include pure wool stoles, wool blend, viscose stoles and Pashmina stoles. Pure wool stoles include designer embroidered stoles, Jammawar stoles, Kashmiri stoles, computerized embroidered stoles, wool blend stoles and designer stoles. The term ‘stole’ is derived from the ancient Roman word ‘stola,’ which is the female version of men’s Toga. Today, it is used to describe a formal wrap- a basic shawl made of an elegant fabric. It is not as wide as a shawl, but is long enough to wrap around the body. Stole is also used to refer to a decorative, wide sash that is draped over the shoulders as in a liturgical or graduation day stole. While shawls may be triangular in shape, stoles are usually rectangular and range between 2-4 feet wide and 5-6 feet long. They are made of lighter material than shawls. The religious stole is no wider than 6 inches, but can be 8 feet long. They can be coloured or decorated for special occasions. The academic stole is used in graduation ceremonies to indicate academic achievement. We intend to provide you with 100% satisfaction with our collection of winter stoles. They are of the highest quality, and we intend to build an enduring relationship with you.

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