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Customer Reviews
on 21/12/2022
My friend has a kid and I didn’t know what to give for the birthday. While browsing Woollen Wear I thought of getting thermals. The product I got was absolutely great in quality and providing comfort
on 24/11/2022
My sister had a baby and I wanted to buy a nice thermal pant for him. Referring the size chart I got one for him and was happy to see that it fit perfectly well. Plus the quality is also very nice
on 24/11/2022
Being a grandfather, I wanted to do something nice for my grandson. I got him a nice one from Woollen Wear. It was so warm and nice. My grandson was so happy I got it for him.
on 24/11/2022
The quality of the thermal I got from Woollen Wear is great. The product was WoolMark certified and very warm. My kid absolutely adored it when the package arrived. Thanks a lot Woollen Wear!
on 20/11/2022
Woollen-Wear has plenty of options in winter clothing for kids. After browsing enough, I selected a pair of wool thermals for my baby girl. I loved the quality of the product. It was very thin and warm, just the way I wanted. I am so glad that I found Woollen Wear. I am definitely shopping from here again.
on 16/11/2022
A friend of mine told me about Woollen-Wear. My baby is just a few months old and I was looking for nice and comfortable wool blend thermals for her. The product I received was just as I expected. They were soft and warm. I am totally satisfied with the thermals I got.

Buy Toddler's Thermals Online.....!!

Thermal Wear Have you heard the knocking sound of winter at your doorsteps? Then, it is the time to go for thermal wear to get that extra warmth to withstand the chillness of icy winds and falling snow. We at Woollen-wear really know the importance of thermal wear for winter lovers and hence bring amazing range of wears to select from. When it is for your kids, extra care and attention should be given to shopping of thermal wears. Your lovely kids know nothing about fashion and style trends of present day. But you know what to give your kids in winter. Our online shop provides you with high quality thermal wear made from high quality wools to assure that extra warmth to the soft skin of your toddler.


It can be worn under any of the trendy to casual wears of your kids. We give importance to petal like skin of your babies. Our products are subjected to quality checks at different levels to assure that silky touch and are made free from any of the itches. All of our products are wool mark certified to assure maximum quality for products. Woollen-Wear provides quality thermal wear of reputed companies. We are the first exclusive online portal for winter wears in the country and right from the time of inception, we have given utmost importance to the emotions and expectations of our customers.


Our thermals for toddlers come in a lot of variety. Get to explore a range of products in different sizes and colours at our store. The features are known to be the major highlight of our thermals. Options are available in cotton, merino wool, and wool blend.

Why Choose Us?

Our products are valuable because we pay attention to the quality of each item. Woollen Wear markets those thermals that have successfully passed the quality check. Our customer’s happiness is of utmost importance and we do not compromise on that element. Keeping every aspect in mind, we also pay equal attention to the budget of our customers. Our thermals are also available in attractive price ranges, making every deal a steal.

Get dressed your toddlers in fantastic way to make them free from hazards of winter. Let them smile with comfort. Our thermal wears are so hot in the market and loved by most of the parents in the country. Our rates bring the real surprise to the customers. Our products come to our online shop right from manufacturing units. Now, it is your time to get the best thermal wear for your kids. For more information, you can contact us without any hesitations.

Taking care for Toddler's Thermals: Use Warm Water and a mild Detergent, Do not Bleach, Do not Tumble Dry.


Thermal Wear

Requirement and Need for Thermals

The thermal wear for baby helps in keeping them warm. Babies are vulnerable to catching cough and cold during cool temperature in winters. Thermals will regulate the body temperature and keep them warm even if it is cold outside. Read more

How Thermals Work

The thermals for baby work by keeping them warm. They have insulating properties which keeps the body of your child warm from inside during winter season or when the temperature is extremely low. The fabric of thermals preserves the heat inside for keeping the baby warm. Read more

Types of Thermal Clothing

On the basis of weight, they can be classified as light, mid, and heavy weight. On the basis of sleeves it is classified as full, half, and sleeveless thermals. While on the basis of fabric, the thermals can be merino, wool blend, and cotton fabric based thermals. Read more

Styles of Thermal Clothing

On the basis of the style of the thermal inner wear for baby, they can be classified into top wear and bottom wear. While the bottom wear remains the same i.e. full pant style, the tops have variation in sleeves and colours. Read more

Material of Thermals

The material of the winter inner wear for baby is very soft to keep babies comfortable and warm. The material used for thermals is mostly wool, synthetic, silk, and cotton and parents can buy as per their preferences. Read more

Difference between Merino Wool vs. Wool Blend vs.Cotton thermals

The wool is classified into 3 types. The wool blend is made of combination of man-made wool while the merino wool is 100% extra fine wool. On the other hand, the cotton quilted wool is two layers of cotton containing polyfill in between. Read more

Features of Thermals

The thermals for toddlers come in a variety of size, colours in merino, cotton, and wool blend fabric. They can be worn inside any trendy outfits. The thermals go through quality check do that they are soft on baby’s skin. Every product is wool mark certified which assures best quality. 

Sizes in Thermals

When you buy the babys thermal sets online from our website, you will see the size chart and size mentioned with each product. You can choose the size based on the age and height of your baby. The size charts are standard and fit accurately to your baby. Read more

Thermal Pricing

The pricing of the thermal wear varies depending on what you buy. While the individual top or bottom thermal wear can be bought from Rs.500 to 1000, the combo set can be bought around Rs.1700 to 1900 depending on fabric, size, and type of thermal. Read more

Benefits of Thermal Wear

The best thermal wear for baby is light in weight and can be easily worn inside outfits. They help in keeping the baby warm and protected during winters. The thermals are sweat and odour resistant and keep the baby dry and comfortable. Read more

How to Layer Thermals?

The thermal underwear for baby can be worn inside just like other light weight inner wear. It can be worn inside any outfit. The mid-weight or heavy weight thermals offer optimum protection as they are thick and keep the child warm even during extremely harsh temperatures. Read more

Characteristics of a Good Thermal Wear

A good winter inner for baby must be able to keep the baby warm during cold. It must be able to regulate the body temperature when it is cold outside. The thermal must be able to absorb sweat and it should be odour resistant. Also, the fabric must be soft on baby’s skin. Read more

Guide to Buying Thermal Wear

When it comes to buying thermal vest baby, you need to keep in mind the size of the thermal. Since it is to be worn inside, it should be a perfect fit. Another thing to look for is the fabric which should be soft yet warm. You must also consider price and brand when buying the thermals for baby.

Difference between light weight, Mid weight, and heavy weight thermals

The difference between these 3 options is that light weight thermals are meant for protecting during moderately cool climate. While the mid-weight, and heavy weight thermals are meant for keeping you warm when the temperature is extremely low. They can be layered for keeping you warm. Read more

Why buy from us?

Buying winter thermal wear for baby from us can be a great experience as we offer a variety of options as far as colour and size is concerned. The thermals are priced reasonable and are delivered on time. We focus on quality and customer satisfaction for a long term relationship.

When to Wear Thermals?

The baby wool thermal can be worn when the temperature outside is low during winters so that the thermals can keep the body of your child warm. You can also make the child wear thermals if you are planning to travel to a colder region.

Taking Care for thermals

The thermals should always be stored in a clean and dry place in a plastic container. Even while washing, avoid hard detergents or softeners. Never hang them while drying as it can affect their shape and form. Read more

Colours for Thermals

When it comes to the colour options for blended wool thermals for baby, you can choose from only two options i.e. grey and white. The thermals are basically worn inside the clothes, so the standard grey and white colours are classic choices for your kids.

Storing Thermals

Storing thermals is a careful task. When storing your baby’s thermal wear, discard the thermals that are worn out. The good thermals can be washed and dried first and them stored inside a plastic bag in your cupboards or wardrobes. Read more

How to Wash Thermals?

When washing the quilted thermals for baby, you need to be very careful. The thermals should always be washed in cold or lukewarm water using a mild detergent. Avoid using any fabric softener or a bleaching agent for washing the thermals of your baby. Read more

Sleeves of Thermals Based on the page

When it comes to sleeves of thermal wear, you get 3 options to choose from. The full sleeves thermals for baby are for optimum protection from cold. Then there is half sleeves thermal and sleeveless thermal. Sleeveless thermal protects only chest from cold.

Types of Toddlers Thermal

When it comes to thermals, you don’t get a huge choice based on the gender. For both girls and boys the choice remains almost the same i.e. the top which can be blouse or camisole and the bottom which is common in both girls and boys.

Styles of Thermal Wear Gender Based

The thermals can be classified in to top and bottom and there is no much choice for styling. You can only choose from different sleeves and colours when it comes to thermal styling based on your personal preference for your child.

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