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Merino Wool Thermals - Dark-Grey

100% natural and breathable
Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel
  • WoolMark Certified
  • Machine Washable
  • Shrink Resist thermals
  • Very Thin can be Layered
  • Suitable for below Zero Degree Too
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Baby Merino Wool Long John Dark Grey
Pure Merino Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM565
Rs. 999.00
  • Age Group Size
  • 6 - 18M
  • 18 - 24M
  • 2 - 3Y
  • 4 - 5Y
Baby Merino Wool FS Thermals Dark Grey
Pure Merino Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM553
Rs. 999.00
  • Age Group Size
  • 6 - 18M
  • 18 - 24M
  • 2 - 3Y
  • 4 - 5Y
Baby FS Merino wool Body warmer set Dark Grey
Pure Merino Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM553-EM565
Rs. 2,100.00
  • Age Group Size
  • 6 - 18M
  • 18 - 24M
  • 2 - 3Y
  • 4 - 5Y
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Customer Reviews
on 21/12/2022
My friend has a kid and I didn’t know what to give for the birthday. While browsing Woollen Wear I thought of getting thermals. The product I got was absolutely great in quality and providing comfort
on 24/11/2022
Being a grandfather, I wanted to do something nice for my grandson. I got him a nice one from Woollen Wear. It was so warm and nice. My grandson was so happy I got it for him.
on 24/11/2022
The quality of the thermal I got from Woollen Wear is great. The product was WoolMark certified and very warm. My kid absolutely adored it when the package arrived. Thanks a lot Woollen Wear!
on 20/11/2022
Woollen-Wear has plenty of options in winter clothing for kids. After browsing enough, I selected a pair of wool thermals for my baby girl. I loved the quality of the product. It was very thin and warm, just the way I wanted. I am so glad that I found Woollen Wear. I am definitely shopping from here again.
on 15/11/2022
I wanted to buy merino wool thermals for my girl online and found Woollen-Wear to be perfect. The product I received by up to the mark and extremely cosy. It is also very thin, which means it doesn’t restrict body movement. I am glad I made the right choice
on 15/11/2022
My little kiddo is growing very fast and that is why we needed to buy a new pair of thermals for him. My wife suggested Woollen Wear and I started looking for thermals. I wasn’t very sure about the size, but with the sizes available I chose one. I was surprised to see that it fit my baby perfectly.

Toddler's Merino Wool Thermal Online...!!

Merino Wool Thermals Change in climate and temperature easily affects the body of your toddlers. They simply don’t know what is happening. They just love to stay in their world of fantasies with their cries and smiles that make you the happiest parents in the world. Winter is about to fall at your courtyards. It is the time to take care of your toddlers. We at Woollen-wear really know what you are searching for and hence bring unique selections in pure wool thermals for your kids.

Give your kids the warmth they need. Nothing other than pure wool thermals can assure the real warmth much needed for the soft skin of your ankle-biter. Our wool thermals are made from pure wool collected from the country. They are processed using sophisticated technologies to make it perfect for the kids. They are completely made itch free and assure great level silky touch to baby skin. We provide pure wool thermals of reputed companies. All of our products are Wool Mark certified for quality assurance.

Our online store is one step solution to purchase full range of winter wears for your kids. We keep them protected in winter with our wool thermals that provide parents with maximum level of satisfaction. With our baby winter wear collections, you can stay in peace of mind that you have done the right thing for your kids. Woollen-Wear provides you with different range in toddler pure wool thermals including Long John Thermal, Full Sleeve Vest Body Warmers, Half Sleeve Vest Body Warmers, Sleeve Less Vest Body Warmers, Combo warmer sets with Full Sleeve, Half Sleeves and Sleeve Less and more. What else is there to come in the list of toddler pure wool thermals? Surprisingly rates of thermal starts at just Rs. 554…!! Now it is your time to shop for the real wonders in pure wool thermals.

Taking care for Toddler's Merino Wool Thermals: Use Warm Water and a mild Detergent, Do not Bleach, Do not Tumble Dry.

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Toddlers - Thermal Wear - Merino Wool Thermals available in multiple Color Dark-Grey , etc

Merino Wool Thermals

Requirement and Need for Thermals

The merino wool thermal for baby regulates itself based on the climate and temperature which makes it different from others. Babies can catch cough and cold during winters and low temperatures, and merino thermal wear can keep them warm. Read more

How Thermals Work

The merino wool base layer baby thermal works by keeping them warm. The thermals have ability to insulate depending on the climate outside. When there is cold, the thermals trap the heat inside and keep the baby warm and cosy. Read more

Types of Thermal Clothing

The types of merino pure woolen thermals for baby can be classified on the basis of weight into light, mid, and heavy weight. On the basis of sleeves it is classified into full, half, and sleeveless and the fabric is classified as cotton, silk, wool blend, and merino. Read more

Styles of Thermal Clothing

When it comes to thermal wear styling, they are classified into top wear and bottom wear. The bottom wear has no variation as it comes in simple pant style, but you can find variation in the sleeves and pattern of the top. Read more

Material of Thermals

You must buy merino wool thermals for baby keeping in mind that it soft and comfortable for their delicate skin. You can mind thermals in various materials such as synthetic, wool, cotton, and silk and you can buy the one that meets your child’s needs. Read more

Difference between Merino wool VS wool blend VS cotton thermals

The thermals can be classified into 3 based on their weave and texture. While the cotton thermals consist of two layers of cotton and polyfill in between, the wool blend is a blend of man-made wool. On the other hand, the merino wool is 100% pure and extra fine wool which keeps the babies warm even in harsh climate. Read more

Features of Thermals

The merino wool base layer for baby comes in various sizes and colours that offer a plenty of choice for parents. The thermals are tested for quality so that they are soft and cosy for babies. Every product is wool mark certified which makes them better than the best.

Sizes in Thermals

The merino wool thermal baby size is never an issue with parents as the thermals are made in standard sizes. The parents can easily refer the size chart online before buying thermals for their babies and the thermal will fit just like a glove does on your hand. Read more

Thermal Pricing

The pricing of the baby’s merino wool thermal depends on the piece of thermal that you buy. If you buy the top or bottom separately, the top and bottom can cost your around Rs.500 to 1000 each depending on the pattern and type of fabric. On the other hand, you can buy the combo set for Rs.1700 to 1900. Read more

Benefits of Thermal Wear

  • The thermal wear for baby helps in keeping them warm during cold temperatures.
  • They are so thin that they can be worn inside trendy outfits.
  • The fabric and size of the thermals are so accurate that the babies feel comfortable. Read more

How to Layer Thermals?

When it comes to layering the merino wool thermals for baby, you can make the babies wear thermals as inner wear inside the outfits. But that is for light weight thermals. If you are staying in home, the mid-weight and heavy thermals can be worn by babies without any layering. In extreme climates, you can make them wear a woollen over the thermals. Read more

Characteristics of a Good Thermal Wear

  • A good thermal wear should be able to fit your baby and should not be too lose or tight.
  • It should be odour resistant.
  • The thermal must have good absorbing properties to keep the baby dry.
  • It must be able to regulate temperature and keep your baby warm. Read more

Guide to Buying Thermal Wear

When you plan to buy merino wool thermals for baby’s online:

  •  You need to be particular about the size and fit of the thermal so that baby feels comfortable in it.
  • You must choose a fabric that is comfortable for the babies.
  • Choose a reputed brand that offers quality products.
  • Most importantly, it should keep babies warm and cosy during winters.

Difference between light weight, Mid weight, and heavy weight thermals

The difference between the 3 is that the light weight thermal can be used for moderately cold climate and you may need woollens for added layering. While the mid and heavy weights thermals are warm enough to keep you cosy in extreme cold and you may only need your outfit and no woollen for keeping warm. Read more

Why buy from us?

You must choose us for buying the best merino wool thermals for baby as we offer a wide variety to choose from when it comes to size, colour, and fabric of the thermals. We offer quality and wool mark certified thermals at affordable price. Our delivery is on-time and we value customer satisfaction the most.

When to Wear Thermals?

The thermal wear for baby should be worn when the climate outside is cool during winters and the temperature is very low. You can also make the baby wear thermals if you are travelling to a place with harsh climate so that baby remains protected.

Taking Care for thermals

The blended wool thermal for baby needs extra care to maintain its shape and form. You must store them in a cool dry place as well as wash them with cold water avoiding any chemicals so their softness is retained. Read more

Colours for Thermals

As far as colours of the thermals are concerned, you can find two options- white and grey. However, these are standard colours in thermals and are ideal as the thermals are worn inside the outfits and are not visible.

Storing Thermals

You need to be more careful for storing the quilted thermals for baby as compared to regular clothes. The thermals must be kept in cupboards or wardrobes inside a plastic bag or wrapped in a cotton cloth. Try to discard the worn out thermals every season. Read more

How to Wash Thermals?

When washing thermals, you must only use cold water along with a mild shampoo. Avoid using harmful detergents that you use for washing clothes as they can affect the shape and form of thermal. Place them flat on a table for air drying instead of hanging on wires. Read more

Sleeves of Thermals Based on the page

You have 3 options for choosing the sleeves of the thermals for babies. There is sleeveless thermal which only protects chest and is ideal for moderately cold climate. And, there are half sleeves and full sleeves thermals for protecting child in extremely cold climate.

Types of Toddlers Thermal

When it comes to the gender, the thermals for babies remain the same unlike for adults where you have variety for women. In kids, you will find top and bottom wear for both girl and a boy.

Styles of Thermals Wear Gender Based

The styles of thermals have no difference when it comes to babies. You will find the same top and bottom wear. The only style you can choose from is the sleeves and colour of the thermals.

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