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Thermal Wear - 110cm

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Women Pure Wool Plus Size Drawer Body warmers Cream
100% purewool WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM635
Rs. 2,184.00
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Thermal Wear for Ladies Online @ Woollen-Wear Woollen-Wear is the best place to shop for winter wear from India. There is something here for every man, woman or child. Collection for women includes coats, jackets, thermals, sweaters, shawls, cardigans and kurtis. For plus-sized women, there is a special collection of plus-sized thermals. Our collection of plus-sized thermals for women includes women’s pure wool plus size drawer body warmers, cream coloured bottom inner wear and women’s pure wool plus size vest body warmer. Thermals are a great way to face the frigid wintry climate. They should fit inside a variety of clothing and conserve body heat. The thermals will keep you insulated from head to toe. Woollen thermals keep you warm without overheating and are useful indoors as, well as, outdoors.


Woollen thermals including plus sized thermals are made of pure wool certified by Wool mark. This ensures that it is of high-quality and authentic. The classic wool clothing is a staple in everybody’s wardrobe, especially those living in cold climates. Despite the development of synthetics, wool still remains a popular fabric. Wool is completely natural without any synthetic content so it is preferred by those who have an allergy to synthetics. And it is environment-friendly.

Women's Plus Size Thermals –





WoolMark Certified, Pure Merino Wool, Very Thin


110CM, 120CM, 130CM, 125CM


Odour Free, Moisture Wicking, Suitable Below Zero Degrees

135CM, 140CM, 145CM, 150CM


Soft, Comfortable, Natural Breathability

105CM – 115CM, 120CM – 130CM


Wool fibres trap air and do not allow body heat to escape outside. Its insulating property helps you stay warm in the cold climate and cool in warm climate. Wool also wicks away moisture from the skin leaving it dry and free of dampness, which might have caused chills. Wool is fire resistant and doesn’t burn easily. Since it doesn’t collect moisture, it rarely attracts bacteria or mould or dust mites. This suits persons who have asthma and other allergies. Wool is elastic, which helps support pressure points and joints in the body. It is lightweight and very strong.

Why Choose Woollen Wear?

We offer you 100% satisfaction with our plus size winter clothes for women. We understand that a happy customer is a repeat customer. Keeping this ideology in our mind, we aim to market winter thermals for women that are made from premium quality raw materials. These garments have to go through several quality checks in order to prove their worthiness. You will get to choose your favourite thermal from a large variety of options. These thin winter innerwear garments are extremely soft and comfortable. Therefore, you can wear them for a very long duration without having to deal with any sort of discomfort. Try it out and witness it for yourself. These women’s thermals are also very affordable, made to cater to the requirements of a wide range of customers. All you have to do is select your favourite plus size thermal for women and have it delivered in no time right to your doorstep.

Women - Plus Size - Thermal Wear available in multiple Size 110cm , etc

Thermal Wear For ladies Online, Plus Size Winter Clothes Womens