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Girls Sweater - Maroon

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on 13/09/2019
Wow Ladies Sweater i like

Women Sweater

Shopping for winter wear? We, at Woollen-Wear, an online store, markets winter wear from India for men, women and children. One can browse the products our site, learn about their prices and order items at your leisure.


The collection for women includes jackets thermals, sweaters, coats, cardigans, accessories and Kurtis. Sweaters are a popular item for women. The sweaters featured in our collection include basic T-neck black, basic T-neck blue, basic T-neck green, basic T-neck pink, basic T-neck purple and basic T-neck red. A sweater is knitted clothing worn on the upper body usually with long sleeves. It is worn by pulling over the head.

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Pure Wool Sweaters

Wide Material Choice, Assured Satisfaction

Brown, Red, Pink, Cream

M, L


Warmth, Suitable for Temperatures Up To 5 Degrees

Maroon, Blue, Black


Basic Sweaters

Soft, Comfortable, Light Weight

Navy, Green, Yellow


Girls Sweaters

Natural Breathability, Odour Free, Itch Free

Dark-Grey, Grey, Purple



The term ‘sweater’ is a catchword for many kinds of garments. But the fact is that a true sweater is made of fibres, which are woven together. Materials used are usually cotton, wool, or synthetics. The weight of a sweater is also usually heavy though there are lightweight versions available. A sweater is also called as a jumper, pullover or jersey. A pullover is the most common type of sweater, which provides full coverage over the arms and the torso. It is so called as one needs to pull the garment over the head in order to wear it. The vest type sweater is sleeveless and worn with a knit shirt, button down or blouse. It is popular as it is airy and light and adds colour to a dull outfit. A cardigan is also a type of sweater that opens in the front and can be secured by clasps, ties and buttons. Sweaters are popular as they are not form fitting and do not require tailoring. They provide a style quotient, as well as warmth to the body. We offer you women’s sweaters of the highest quality.

Why Woollen Wear Is The Best?

Woollen Wear is all about quality. We make sure that all the products that are marketed by us are indeed of the highest quality. Customer satisfaction is highly important to us. In order to make sure that our customers get the best, all the products need to go through series of quality checks. The products at our online portal are available in so many different varieties. You can choose sweaters according to the style, pattern, design, colour, and size. We have something for everybody. Keeping our client base in mind, we also offer a great deal of awesome discounts to our clients at our portal.

Women - Sweaters - Girls Sweater available in multiple Color Maroon , etc

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