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Top Places To Visit On Your Kids’ Birthday

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Children wait through out the year for their birthdays to come. We were also the same during our childhood waiting months for our birthdays to come. We have spent half of the year planning our birthday presents, party themes and our birthday cake. Children nowadays are not the same; they ask their parents to plan a trip to their favorite destinations forcelebrating their birthdays.

Evolution is a part of human race and this new evolution that had taken in our children. Well it’s a thing to see in the children nowadays. Travelling and exploring world helps children to find their inner self in the very initial stage of the life. Adventure activities on these birthday trips fill children with self-confidence and the desire to do more. Adventure activities help children to discover the hidden physical and mental abilities. So plan a trip this birthday and leverage your child with fun and thrill at some of the wonderful destinations in the country.  

Top places to visit this birthday Rishikesh: Rishikesh is a small town situated at the banks of River Ganga in the state of Uttrakhand. Rishikesh is also known as the gateway to the mighty Himalaya. Rishikesh is the hub of varied adventure sports, in other words Rishikesh is the adventure capital of India. Adventure sports like river rafting, mountaineering, cycling, rock climbing can be done during the Rishikesh trip. You can visit Rishikesh throughout the year to leverage yourself with thrill and fun of varied adventure sports. Don’t forget to carry winter jackets for kids in India if you are visiting Rishikesh during the winter season.

Essel World: Essel World is theme park situated on the Mumbai-Pune national highway. Essel World is a perfect destination to enjoy varied adventure sports, water sports and varied types of rides. Children love to visit this kind of theme parks on their birthdays. You can enjoy distinct types of rides and a large variety of dishes served in the theme park. World of Wonders: World of Wonders is a theme park situated in Noida. It is one of the most visited theme parks in the country.

World of Wonders is a perfect destination to leverage your kid with lots of fun and adventure activities on their birthday. Special arrangements for birthday are done on the request basis in the park. Plan a trip to one of these exotic adventure destinations on the birthday of your kid and leverage them with lots of fun and adventure.