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Baby Fleece Blankets - Maroon

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Premium Winter Blanket for Infants Dotted
Very Soft and Warm for Babies
Rs. 495.00
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  • One Size
Customer Reviews
on 06/02/2017
Bought this for my Niece's baby shower to go with the little moose outfit I bought on here
on 14/01/2017
Very soft and very cute! It's the perfect gender neutral blanket and was exactly what I was looking for for my new addition to the family. And the pattern is adorable.
on 14/01/2017
I love it. I bought it for my cousin and she loves it. It is a great blanket for the baby and an excellent product.
on 14/01/2017
Worth the money. Nice and soft. Just right for my ten week old. Liked the yellow and ordered- it's very pretty. And soft. Would def recommend

Baby Fleece blankets Celebrate this winter with your baby….! There is no more need to hide in side of your rooms. We at Woollen-Wear bring you the perfect range of winter wear to make winter your best season. We provide you with stunning and unique collections in baby winter wear. One of the must to shop accessories for babies is baby fleece blankets. We are here with colourful collections of fleece blankets with heart throbbing designs. Our baby fleece blankets are made from high quality wool collected from India. Collected wool is processed through several stages to assure maximum possible smoothness for the skin of your infant. We really know that skin of baby is so soft and it should be made free from any of the itching sensations. Our entire fleece blankets are Wool Mark certified to assure maximum quality and durability. Gift your baby comfortable and pleasant sleep in winter with our fleece blankets. Our blankets with hoods give maximum warmth for your baby in the bed. Colourful collection really makes your toddler to bite fingers in excitement. Get enjoyed with the cute and innocent smile that comes on the beautiful face of your baby. We provide baby fleece blankets in amazing colours with cartoon designs to double the dosage of joy. You can select the best one that better suit your expectations and intentions. Rates of baby fleece blankets starts just at Rs. 695…! Our store provides quality products of reputed companies at affordable rates for customers. Being the first exclusive online portal for winter wears, we are well aware about winter dreams of all parents for their babies. Online store of Woollen-Wear is frequently updated with fresh and fine collection in baby fleece blankets. We provide complete information of our products to keep our customer satisfied even before the purchase. For more information, you can contact us.

Your toddlers turn home to heaven….! They give you the best form of entertainment and happiness. They don’t have several emotions, several seasons or particular wonders. They know only happiness in all of the seasons and finds wonders in anything from everything they see. Hence, it is your duty to give the best for your toddlers in different seasons. When it is winter, you should give extra warmth and protection to your ankle-biters to keep them smiling and kidding. We, at Woollen-wear being the first and best online winter wear shop, offer you the best winter blankets for your toddlers to keep them sheltered. Our winter blankets are manufactured from quality wool collected from India. Material is subjected to multi level quality and standard checks to make blankets itch free. Our products give maximum smoothness to the skin of your toddler. We make them roll on knees with enjoyment. Our blankets made in amazing colours come with inbuilt hood to assure extra level protection and warmth for your little treasures. Cartoon designs gift blankets with real childish touch keep your kids so active in beds until the eyebrows dandle the eyes. We are so happy to watch our customers back to our store in every winter. With large volume of new and existing customers, we assure something special for everyone visiting our online store. Never take chances when you purchase winter blanket for your toddlers. Get them the best in quality, design, colour and price. Online store of Woollen-wear with user-friendly shopping features help everyone to engage in winter shopping without any hesitations and doubts. Our store provides complete information about the products before making the orders. Our fast and safe shipping delivers the products right at your doorsteps within short time of placing the order. Now, it is your time to shop for the best winter blanket for your toddler!

Toddlers - Baby Fleece Blankets available in multiple Color Maroon , etc

Baby Fleece Blankets