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Taking care of wool gloves

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Taking care of wool gloves

Wool gloves are winter essentials that you need in your collection without fail. For those who love woollen gloves and want to increase the durability of your favourite ones, here are some tips that can help you: -

1. Do not use the machine. When it comes to wool gloves, you must avoid washing them in the machine. This will make the wool fibres thin which will deteriorate the fabric, and the wool gloves will no longer be of any use. If you want to wash wool gloves, a good way is to use the wash basin with some mild soap. You can hand wash it and rinse it with lukewarm water several times.

2. Once you have learned how to wash your gloves effectively, you need to understand that drying gloves out in the sun is not a good idea. Hang them indoors near the window side, but not outside the window. You can dry it with the help of the fan in the room overnight if you are not using the room to sleep! If you dry it out in the sun, the cloth will start to fade, and the wool will no longer feel soft.

3. If your gloves do not get too dirty, you can just soak them in lukewarm water for half an hour. Once that is done and there is no smell coming, you can just roll it to squeeze out the water instead of squishing it too hard. Too much squishing and mishandling of the product will cause it to tear, or you might just make your gloves less durable as you are spoiling the fabric quality.

4. Are you someone who likes clean clothes on a day to day basis? Well, if you want your wool gloves to be cleaned every day, you can just come home and rinse it out with cold water. We don’t mean ice cold water but the normal water that comes in your tap. You don’t need to soak or use any kind of soap for the gloves. This will help in removing any sweat trapped inside it and freshen the gloves for the next day. Avoid using hot water or warm water.

5. When you are thoroughly cleaning your gloves, keep in mind to flip it inside out and clean the inner portion first. Soak it for 10 minutes and flip it back to the normal way for another 10 minutes’ soak. You can use room temperature water or cool water for the soaking process. Once you have washed and dried the wool gloves, keep it in your closet in a plastic zip lock bag or put it inside any woollen sweater. This will maintain the quality and make your gloves long lasting.

So, follow these 5 incredible tips to take good care of your favourite wool gloves.


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