Mens Winter Wear

Mens Winter Wear

Get men’s winter wear right here!

Want to buy the finest winter wear for men? Well, Woollen-Wear has everything you need. From jackets to sweatshirts to thermals to gloves and so much more, we have all the essentials you need for winter. Below you can find the best jackets and gloves for men. These are both exclusively designed for the winter season, and they work wonders in keeping you warm.

Features of the jackets: -

  • We have a wide collection of parka jackets and Chester jackets with caps. Both the jackets are made with good quality faux fur and are suitable for below 0-degree temperature. If you live in places around the world where the winter weather can be too harsh, you need to buy these parka jackets. They are long, comfortable, protect you from the cold and are perfect for your winter collection.


  • They are also wind and snow resistant. So now you can wear jackets in a snowy or windy weather without worrying. Did we mention how affordable both these jackets are? Well, you will not find such impeccable jackets at low prices!

  • The zip, detachable hood, length and design of the jacket is incredible as it looks stylish plus it keeps you comfortable all day. The material feels soft and maintains the temperature of your body. It is a breathable fabric, and you do not need to clean it too much on a day to day basis.

Features of the gloves: -

  • Like the jackets, these gloves too are suitable for sub-zero temperature days. They will keep your hand warm and comfortable through the cold breeze. It is essential to protect your hands as much as it is important to cover your body during winter. People often avoid gloves, but they are a necessity for those living in a place where the weather goes below zero.

  • You can get amazing combo packs of gloves in different colours at the lowest prices only on our portal. All the gloves are made of wool, and we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction from the product. The wool used to create these gloves is odourless, which means you don’t have to wash it often. You can just hand wash it occasionally, and they are good to go for a few days.

Both the men’s winter products are long-lasting and will go through many winter seasons. So, what are you waiting for? Get great quality products for winter from us. 

Pure Wool gloves
Pure Wool Gloves Plain P12
Rs. 5,940.00 Rs. 4,582.00