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Thermal Combos - 120cm - 130cm

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    Combos to get you savings on Mens Thermals
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    Various Material Choice
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    Thermals for temperature upto -10 degrees
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    Assured Satisfaction
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Customer Reviews
on 07/04/2021
Got product on 18 feb 2020. It's still cold in Imphal with night temperature below 6 Deg centigrade and I feel warm and comfort with the product . It's really liked Woollen Wear Product Thank you Woolen wear Team .
on 24/11/2020
I wanted to buy a nice thermal top for my kid and I found just what I wanted at Woollen Wear. It is so nice and feels great against the skin. My child loves wearing it all the time
on 19/11/2020
When I was wishing through the internet, I came across an ad of Woollen-Wear. As I was looking for a pair of cotton thermals, I checked it out. When I received my product, it made me really happy to see that it fit me perfectly. It was just the way I expected it to be
on 19/11/2020
I needed a white coloured thermal top for my visit to Bhutan. I got it delivered from Woollen-Wear. I was amazed by the quality of the product, especially with the affordable prices. I am very happy that I chose Woollen-Wear to buy my cotton thermals. They are absolutely my favourite
on 13/10/2020
I gifted this to my father for his morning walks as he skips on thermals because he has never found something he liked. I was surprised he actually wore this. The merino wool material, comfortable fit and breathable fabric is perfect.
on 13/10/2020
This is exactly what I wanted for the winter season. I was looking for dark grey thermal set which is comfortable and feels soft too. This is made with high quality merino wool and I like that it features a full sleeves t-shirt.

Buy Men's Thermals Combo

Woollen-Wear is a portal that sells winter wear. It markets quality woollen garments of Indian companies. Winter wear, like jackets and thermals and accessories, like gloves and socks are available here. Thermals include upper garments like body warmers and vests and lower garments like Long johns. We also sell combo garments like vests and long johns combined in a set.

Thermal combos are available in fabrics like pure wool, wool blend, cotton, and acrylic. Thermal combos are available in Half Sleeves, Full Sleeves and Short Sleeves. Option for Full family combo is also available. Most of the combo offers in thermals for men are for wool and cotton thermals. Wool is pure wool certified by Wool mark. It is good as thermal wear as it has moisture wicking properties. Wool can absorb up to one third its weight in moisture, so it keeps the body dry. Wool also has properties of high insulation as fibers trap air and do not allow body heat to escape.

Cotton is also good for thermal wear as it is comfortable, inexpensive and easy to maintain. Acrylic thermals are a great substitute for wool. They are soft and lightweight and are wrinkle, oil, chemical and sunlight resistant. They are durable and have high colour fastness. Cotton, acrylic and woollen thermals are ideal for layering clothes. Thermals form the innermost layer, sweaters the mid layer and jackets and coats the outer layer. One can remove the clothes layer by layer depending on the climate that you are facing. Thermal combos give you the chance of availing of cheaper rates than buying each piece of clothing separately. We aim to give maximum satisfaction to the customer. For this, we allow tracking of order and expedite shipping. You can enjoy peace of mind after placing the order, and even after you use the product.

Taking care for Thermals: Use a very Mild Shampoo, Use lukewarm Water, Do not Tumble dry, Do not Bleach.

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Men - Thermal Wear - Thermal Combos available in multiple Size 120cm - 130cm , etc

Thermal Combos