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Pure Wool Socks - Knee Cap

  • Suitable for below Zero Degrees
  • 100% Purewool Woolmark Certified Socks
  • Assured Warmness
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Pure Wool Knee Cap Unisex Grey
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM712
Rs. 695.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Pure Wool Knee Cap Unisex P2
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM712-P2
Rs. 1,195.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Acrylic Knee Cap Unisex P2
Warm & Soft With Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 395.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Acrylic Knee Cap Unisex P3
Warm & Soft With Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 505.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Pure Wool Knee Cap Unisex P3
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM712-P3
Rs. 1,695.00
  • Size
  • One Size
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Customer Reviews
on 21/02/2022
Good Quality Product, Recived on time. Kolkata
on 21/02/2022
I bought this socks for Papaji, My papaji very very happy to use this socks.
on 07/11/2021
Thanks for wonderful products
on 10/10/2021
Soft, cosy and comfortable is what I look for in socks during the cold weather. These woolen socks are everything I wanted for my winter days in Ooty. I bought this stocking in various colours like navy, grey and brown, I must say they are excellent and warm.. highly recommended go for it
on 10/10/2021
I love staying layered up during the winter as I catch cold quickly. I had been looking for woolen knee caps made with pure wool from a while and I finally got it here at woollen wear. These knee caps are incredible as they worked for me during the harsh cold days too. I vouch for this product!
on 10/10/2021
It is hard to find such good quality woolen knee caps online but Woollen Wear is the best. I gifted this to my grandmother and mother. They are all happy with it and actually asked me to place more orders for the same.


Premium Collection of Men Pure Wool Socks @ Woollen-Wear


Have you been looking for socks for men suited for the winter weather? We are one of the most popular marketing websites that sell premium quality winter clothes and accessories. Our website has everything you might need starting from mufflers, shawls, to woollen cap for men. Check out our wide variety of winter accessories, including winter socks only at Woollen Wear.




Woollen-Wear is a site that sells winter wear and winter accessories from different reputed companies in India. Winter accessories sold by the site include winter socks. Winter socks are made of different materials: Acrylic and 100% pure wool. They are viable in different lengths like regular, knee length and calf length. One can order them in different packs of 2, 3 and 4. Pure wool socks are of the highest quality. Pure wool has been certified by Wool mark. They are available in types like Pure wool hose top unisex, Pure wool knee cap unisex, Pure wool long stocking unisex, combo pack of two pure wool long stocking unisex, Pure wool socks-PLY selection, Pure wool socks 2 PLY ribbed, Pure wool socks of diamond design, pack of 3 pure wool socks of diamond design and pack of 3 pure wool socks 2 PLY ribbed.



Woolen Socks For Men -







Pre Wool, Long Lasting, Warm

Red, Navy, Black

P2, P3

Anklet, Knee Cap

One Size

Light Weight, Natural Breathability

Brown, Skin


Hose Top, Calf Length

Soft, Comfortable, Suitable for 0 Degrees

Grey, Blue


Long Stocking, Regular Length


Wool is well liked as a material for socks as it is comfortable and functional. It has properties of moisture wicking- it transfers perspiration from the feet to the surface of the shoe. Thus, it prevents moisture build up in the socks, and also, blisters and infection. This is especially useful if you are engaging in strenuous activities like jogging or skiing in the winter time. This leads to sweat build up, but if the sweat is wicked away, it will not cause any problems. Wool has tightly woven fibres, which will weather wear and tear. Pure wool is water and stain resistant. It has anti-bacterial properties that prevent mildewing. It is environment friendly and hypoallergenic.


What Makes Us Special?


Our wool socks are reasonably priced and combo offers come at further discounts. You will find several affordable woollen gloves for men’s clothing in our portal as well. We aim to sell quality products to our customers. In order to do so, all these winter apparels go through rigorous quality checks. Customer satisfaction is our utmost goal.We believe in giving you peace of mind while ordering the product, tracking the order, taking delivery of the product and after using the product. Orders are shipped expediently so that they arrive at your end in the shortest possible time.So, why are you waiting? Start selecting your favourite items before they go out of stock!

Men - Men Winter Socks - Pure Wool Socks available in Type Knee Cap , etc

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