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Acrylic Wool Socks - P3

  • Acrylic wool material
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Acrylic Socks Designer P3
Warm & Soft With Assured Satisfaction
SKU: EM1002
Rs. 445.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Acrylic Knee Cap Unisex P3
Warm & Soft With Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 505.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Acrylic Socks Designer Pack 1003 P3
Warm & Soft With Assured Satisfaction
SKU: EM1003
Rs. 595.00
  • Size
  • One Size
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Customer Reviews
on 04/10/2020
product are good and price also good...........................................................
on 14/06/2020
They are a good fit and arrive promptly. I enjoyed shopping on woollen wear, the prices are always good.
on 11/06/2020

Men’s Acrylic Socks Woollen-Wear sells superior quality winter wear from prominent Indian companies. One can make a purchase of winter wear from anywhere in the world, any day of the year. One of the popular products of our portal includes winter socks. They are mainly of two types: Pure wool and acrylic. Acrylic socks are of the best quality. They are available in packages like Acrylic Knee cap unisex pack of 2 pairs, acrylic socks pack of 3, designer acrylic socks pack of 3 and acrylic designer pack of 4. When indulging in outdoor activities, not only the right type of shoes is important but also the right pair of socks. Socks look stylish when paired with a matching outfit and can also provide many benefits to the user. Socks can reduce pain and friction during activities like jogging. Acrylic socks are available in different colours and hold the colour well even after repeated use. It prevents blisters. Acrylic has the property of moisture wicking so that sweat accumulated from activity is transferred to the surface of the shoe away from the skin such that it does not leave the skin wet and cause infections. Acrylic is less expensive and washes easily without shrinking. Acrylic socks provide breath ability, cushioning, antibacterial properties and fit perfectly around the feet. Acrylic socks reduce rubbing and chafing while the feet are engaged in the activity. Socks prevent odor from lingering in shoes by preventing accumulation of dead skin cells in the shoe. Socks provide compression to the feet, which stimulates blood flow. We aim to provide maximum satisfaction to the customer. Enjoy the peace of mind while order is processed, shipped, delivered and after it is used. We expedite shipping so that your order reaches you in the shortest possible time. Our aim is to build a long term relationship with you.

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