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Wool Coat - Below Zero Degree

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Customer Reviews
on 24/11/2022
This coat is perfect for me who like to follow winter fashion. The colour is subtle and goes with many shirts and trousers. It keeps warm during colder days and fabric is comfortable.
on 24/11/2022
Black coat with mandarin collar is my personal favourite. Quality is great and also it is a good buy in economic price range. Highly recommended.
on 24/11/2022
My son loves flaunting latest fashion. And this stylish black coat with its mandarin collar appealed me a lot. So I bought it for my son. He is happy because it is trendy and becomes the centre of attraction. I am happy because it is easy to maintain. So win-win situation. Highly recommended.
on 22/11/2022
I love to collect a variety of coats. This self design stylish coat is a great addition to my collection. It has perfect finishing and well-suited my body frame. It is not only affordable in this price range but also durable and easy to maintain.
on 20/11/2022
Buying Anthra Self Design coat was my best decision. I wasn’t sure what to pick, but this coat is comfortable and has a light-weight soft fabric. It can be paired with various shirts and trousers. The coat looks fairly good in routine wear as well as occasion and party wear. Woollen-Wear is an amazing portal. They have really good collection.
on 20/11/2022
I am very happy with Anthra coat. It is one of the trendiest coats for winter fashion. The fabric is quite soft and feels smooth on skin. It is a light weight coat. Thanks Woollen-Wear!

Buy Premium Quality Wool Coats @ Woollen-Wear

Woollen-Wear is a portal that markets winter’s wear exclusively. It features winter wear for men, women and children. Men’s wear includes jackets, thermals, coats and accessories like gloves, mufflers and socks.

Men’s wool winter coats are a popular item sold by the site. Wool coats are a great addition to the wardrobe of a man. These coats are an absolute necessity during winters. They are made of blended wool, polyester, nylon and viscose. They are available in a variety of styles like sleeveless wool coat, black full sleeve over coat and regular blended wool overcoat.

We cater to a large range of customers, making men’s wool overcoat designs available in different sizes.


Our woollen coats are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and lengths. We make sure that every customer can find something that suits his/her needs. Some of the varied features of wool coats are:

Men's  Wool Winter Coats -






Polyester Quilting, Cotton Quilting,

Blue, Black

M, L, XL

Part Wear

Waist, Hip

Wool Blend, Light Weight,

Brown, Navy

2XL, 3XL

Casual Wear,

Mid-Thigh, Knee Length

Odour Free, Wind Resistant

Cream, Grey

4XL, 5XL

Office Wear

Over Coat


You can also look for these features when browsing parka jackets online India.

Wool is an extremely versatile fabric. It covers most parts of your body, from head to toe. Wool clothes offer great competition to cotton ones especially in winter wear.

Benefits of Wool

Wool has the following qualities, which cotton lacks:

• Overall Look: Wool can be woven from silky and fine threads to coarse, thick yarns. The fabric, as a result, can range from thick and coarse to smooth and lightweight to touch.

• Warmth: Wool has the property of holding in heat extremely well. The fine hairs trap air and keep it close to the skin where the heat of the body can warm it. Men’s wool coats, thus, help to keep cosy and warm even when exercise or activity is keeping your core temperature high.

• Resilience: Wool is suited for jackets and coats as wool cloth holds its shape and lasts a long time. Properly treated wool garments can hold their shape for thirty to forty years.

Why Us?

Woollen- Wear features men's  wool overcoat long made of the finest quality. We also provide a variety of winter garments, especially heavy winter jackets. Our ultimate goal is to make shopping winter garments easier and convenient for you. Other than woollen coats, you will find a variety of winter wear in our online store. Our woollen coats are available at reasonable price without compromising the quality. The products sold are made of the best quality raw materials to ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied.

Navigating through our website is also very easy. With the help of our absolutely secured payment channel, you can buy woollen products without any worry or hassle. We aim to provide 100% satisfaction to customers. You can enjoy peace of mind while placing the order while the order is being shipped and after using the product.

Men - Winter Coats - Wool Coat Suitable Below Zero Degree

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