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Mens Purewool Mufflers - Green

  • Merino Wool WoolMark Certified
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WoolBlend Plain Muffler Green
WoolMark Certified
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Rs. 595.00
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  • One Size
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Customer Reviews
on 24/11/2020
Most of the retail shops near my house sell mixed or very poor quality woollen mufflers. But the ones I ordered from Woollen Wear are made of pure wool and I am extremely satisfied with them.
on 19/11/2020
I was searching a nice muffler for myself online. Didn’t want to spend too much, but didn’t want to compromise with the quality as well. Woollen Wear gave me exactly want I wanted. The designs available in their portal were unique and after receiving the product, I can say that the quality is great too.
on 19/11/2020
I wanted to gift the best quality pre wool muffler to my brother on his birthday but couldn’t find one. I anxiously bought one from Woollen Wear and was surprised with the supreme quality they provided. –Koel Rath
on 19/11/2020
I always used to knit mufflers for my loved ones. But after my accident I felt very bad for not being able to knit them one. The ones of bought from Woollen Wear were just as good as my handmade ones
on 15/11/2020
I saw an ad of pure wool mufflers of Woollen Wear while browsing the internet. I thought of checking them out. The products were available in different colours and the price was also very affordable. It is a great place to shop for people who want good quality to cheap prices.
on 02/11/2020
Very nice product. I have ordered on 2nd Sept and requested before 7th Sept. As i expected it reached on time via FedeX delivery. And quality wise also i am very happy. Its reached my expectation while using this in extreme cold conditions i.e nearly 0 degrees Suggestion : Try to add more quality images + different views of this particular product (if possible).

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Men - Mens Mufflers - Mens Purewool Mufflers available in multiple Color Green , etc

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