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Merino wool Thermals - FS

100% natural and breathable
Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel
  • WoolMark Certified
  • Machine Washable
  • Shrink Resist thermals
  • Very Thin can be Layered
  • Suitable for below Zero Degree Too
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Kids Merino Wool FS Thermals Dark Grey
Pure Merino Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM553
Rs. 1,182.00
  • Age Group Size
  • 6 - 18M
  • 18 - 24M
  • 2 - 3Y
  • 4 - 5Y
  • 6 - 7Y
  • 8 - 10Y
  • 10 - 11Y
  • 12 - 14Y
Kids Merino Wool Vest FS Body warmers Cream
Pure Merino Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM523
Rs. 999.00
  • Age Group Size
  • 6 - 18M
  • 18 - 24M
  • 2 - 3Y
  • 4 - 5Y
  • 6 - 7Y
  • 8 - 10Y
  • 10 - 11Y
  • 12 - 14Y
Kids FS Merino wool Body Warmers Set Dark Grey
Pure Merino Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM553-EM565
Rs. 2,364.00
  • Age Group Size
  • 6 - 18M
  • 18 - 24M
  • 2 - 3Y
  • 4 - 5Y
  • 6 - 7Y
  • 8 - 10Y
  • 10 - 11Y
  • 12 - 14Y
Kids FS Merino wool Body warmers set Cream
Pure Merino Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM523-EM535
Rs. 1,998.00
  • Age Group Size
  • 6 - 18M
  • 18 - 24M
  • 2 - 3Y
  • 4 - 5Y
  • 6 - 7Y
  • 8 - 10Y
  • 10 - 11Y
  • 12 - 14Y
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Customer Reviews
on 20/11/2022
I needed to buy a nice pair of thermals for my boy. Woollen-Wear offers me a lot of options. The packet arrived right on time and it fit my kid really well. He was also very happy with the clothes. I would like to thank Woollen Wear and I hope they keep up the good work
on 19/11/2022
I am very happy that I bought my little boy’s thermals from Woollen-Wear. I would normally shop from the showrooms in the market. But, I thought of giving the online market a try. I was surprised by the quality of the product I received. I am definitely shopping from here again.
on 19/11/2022
I found Woollen-Wear to be great when it comes to thermal wear for kinds. I got one for my boy and the product was really good. As it was a little loose, I asked for an exchange and they had it done immediately. I was really happy with the service
on 19/11/2022
My nephew would be travelling to the UK with my sister and I thought of buying him a thermal combo. I found the perfect one on Woollen Wear. The quality of the product was so good. Not only was it thin, but also shrink resistant. My nephew really liked it
on 18/11/2022
When you want value for money, always go for Woollen-Wear. The first product I got from the website was my kid’s thermals. I loved the product so much that whenever I have to buy winter clothes, I always shop from Woollen Wear. Coupled with their service, they are the best.
on 16/11/2022
Have been looking for the perfect place to buy my boy nice thermal pants and tops. Woollen-Wear was the best amongst all. They have the so many sizes in different colours. My boy was so comfortable wearing them throughout the day. It is definitely a great place to buy thermals.

Kid’s Merino wool Thermals

Woollen-Wear is a portal that features a collection of winter wear for men, women and children. It is really convenient to shop here- view the pictures, make your specific choices and place an order any time or anywhere. Kid’s collection includes winter gloves (pure wool gloves), winter jackets (boy’s jackets and girl’s jackets), winter socks (pure wool socks), thermal wear (pure wool thermals and cotton thermals), pure wool school socks, school stuff and winter caps (acrylic caps).

There are two fabrics for kid’s thermal wear-cotton and pure wool. Once the fabric is chosen, you can select from sleeveless, full sleeve and half sleeve thermals. You then have the option of recommended for below zero degrees or not. Next, you can select either top or bottom pieces of thermals or a set made of both top and bottom. Pure wool thermals are a popular item for kids. Pure wool items for kids include vest sleeveless body warmer, vest full sleeve body warmer, , vest half sleeve body warmer and long johns. The wool fabric is extremely versatile. Wool resists wrinkles; it has a crimp that restores it to its natural shape even after being stretched. It has balanced thermal properties- keeping warm in cool climates and cool in hot climates.

Wool is hypoallergenic- resists mould, bacteria and mildew, which usually cause allergies. It absorbs harmful pollutants. It is not favourable to the growth of dust mites. It is naturally anti-static so it resists lint, dust and dirt. It is fire resistant and can be cleaned easily. We aim to provide you full satisfaction with our collection of wool thermals for kids. Once you place an order, you can track the order easily and take delivery of your order in the shortest possible time. We are sure that you will be pleased by shopping with us and will return to our site for more purchases.

Features of Merino wool Thermals ?

These kids merino wool thermals are extra thinner for maximum comfort while wearing, Shrink Resist merino wool thermal wear for women, Breathable , Mositure wrecking, Can be layered, Woolmark Certifeid for peace of mind and quality guarantee, Machine washable merino wool thermal for womens


Fullsleeves (fs) - These are long sleeved inner thermals for kids. Long sleeves have a ribbed end to provide maximum warmth.

Halfsleeves (hs) - These are half sleeves inner thermals for kids. Good for those who cannot wear full sleeves thermals.

Sleeveless (sl) - These are sleeveless inner thermals for kids. Sleeveless thermals are good for chest only cold protection.

Recommended for ?

Minus Degrees- these kids merino wool thermals are suitable for below Zero Degrees in extreme cold temperatures. Merino Wool store your body heat in most efficient manner

Can be layered - these kids merino wool thermals can be layered with other winter outfits to provide maximum warmth. Ever two pairs of these merino thermals can be be wore at same time

Base Layer for body - these merino wool thermals for kids can be wore directly over your body as first layer to it which provides maximum warmth

Taking care for Kids's Merino Wool Thermals:

Use a very Mild detergent, Use lukewarm Water, Do not Tumble dry, Do not Bleach, Do not hang for drying, Dry in shade. Do Spot clean if possible.

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Kids - Thermal Wear - Merino wool Thermals available in Sleeves FS , etc

Merino wool Thermals

Requirement and Need for Thermals

During a winter season, you need the highest quality of thermals to protect yourself, your partner and your kids. The best merino wool thermal for kid categories protects from winds, provides warmth, and moisture management in winters. Read more.

How Thermals Work

Thermals work as an insulation layer between body and outer weather conditions. The perfect fitting saves from losing body heat through conduction, evaporation, and convection. So, the body stays warm even when it’s cold and windy in your surroundings. Read more

Types of Thermal Clothing

You can select between merino wool base layer kids category and other wool types- cotton, silk or synthetic. However, merino fabric is known as the purest wool type in thermals. Thermal types according to their weight are- ultra light, light, mid and heavy weight. Read more

Styles of Thermal Clothing

Thermal clothing styles include full-sleeve, half-sleeve majorly. You can find a single top piece or a combination of top and bottom pieces. The styles change with respect to gender and age as well, so you can find men, women and kids thermal wear online .Read more

Material of Thermals

You can rely on the merino pure woolen thermals for kid. Besides that, there are other material choices available such as blended wool, synthetic, cotton, and silk. The fabric type decides the quality of warmth, moisture management, and other perks. Read more

Difference between Merino wool vs.Woolblendvs. Cotton Thermals

If you want to buy merino wool thermals for kid, it would be a wise choice as compared to other choices. Wool-blend includes various fabric types, while cotton thermals don’t protect against evaporation. So, merino wool wins the trust of customers. Read more

Features of Thermals

With merino wool base layer for kid, you can acquire features such as warmth, bacteria resistance, moisture wicking properties, loft, and proper stretch. These features come together to ensure comfort and protection from feeling cold, wet and frustrated.

Sizes in Thermals

Thermal sizes differ in adults and kids. The size for adult men and women can be as low as 80 cm and range up to 120 cm. For kids, the thermal sizes are available in terms of their age. So, you can find sizes between 6 months and go up to the size for 14 years old kid. Read more

Thermal Pricing

The price of merino wool thermal kid stays higher than other fabrics due to the quality. The price also differs in terms of the size, style, and brand you choose from. So, a half-sleeve will cost less than full-sleeve thermal clothing. Read more

Benefits of Thermal Wear

Men, women and kids, all need high-quality thermals to comfortably live life during winters. It saves the body heat from leaving your body, which allows you to indulge in all kinds of activities you do generally. You also reduce the clothing weight. Read more

How to Layer Thermals?

With a lightweight merino thermal layer, your requirement of other layers reduces. You can choose your mid-layer if coldness is more than moderate. Also, add a top layer when you are going out in snow and wind. Kids require the same layers too! Read more

Characteristics of a Good Thermal Wear

A good kid's merino wool thermal will feel comfortable on the body. The insulation will not let the warmth go away. The wearer won’t feel wet due to moisture management. Plus, the softness of the fabric will protect from rashes or itchiness. Read more

Guide to Buying Thermal Wear

When you go through the Merino Wool Thermals For kid, think about the intensity of weather conditions in your location. Then, you can easily pick the right sizes and styles for your kid. The same considerations help in finding thermals for women and men as well.

Difference between Light Weight, Mid Weight, and Heavy Weight Thermals

Your search for merino wool thermals for kid's online will present lightweight, mid weight and heavy weight options. The weight, combined with the fabric quality, decides the warmth of the thermals your select. So, evaluate before choosing thermal sets for anyone. Read more

Why Buy From Us?

With us, you receive the best variety in terms of sizes, colours, styles, and categories of thermals. We have the best merino wool thermals for kid, men, and women as well. You can find affordable options without compromising the quality at all.

When to Wear Thermals

You can wear thermals in indoor and outdoor environments. If the temperature is below 18 degrees C, you should wear thermals. Avoid wearing in situations when your body starts feeling hot or itchy. Also, layer thermals with jackets in intense conditions.

Taking care for Thermals

Thermal care includes three responsibilities- washing, drying and storing. You should understand the wash and dry requirements provided by the manufacturer. Also, store thermals carefully, so they can perform for many years and winter seasons to provide warmth and insulation. Read more

Colours for Thermals

To select colours in the thermal wear for kid category, you should choose a light or a dark shade. Generally, men, women, and kids love to have colours like cream, grey and/or white. The colour of outer layers will help in making the colour selections.

Storing Thermals

Thermal storage area should be away from sunlight, dirt, and insects. You should carefully wash before storing thermals for the next season. Protect from dust and fold instead of hanging in order to avoid stretching. You can hang lightweight thermals. Read more

How to Wash Thermals

Washing thermal is easy if you pick the right kind of fabric. Merino wool is a quality that is washable in machine. But the wash restrictions increase in silk and cotton categories. The synthetic thermal fabric can handle all kinds of washing usually. Read more

Sleeves of Thermals Based on the page

The sleeves in merino or blended wool thermal for kid can include three major categories. You can find full-sleeve, half-sleeve and even sleeveless options. The sleeve versions include elastic grips to ensure a perfect fitting in the hands of the wearer.

Types of Kids Thermal

With respect to gender, thermal types include thermals for men, women, little boy thermals, and little girl thermals. All these types include top pieces, bottom pieces, and combo pieces. You can choose the right type for your kid, yourself and your partner.

Styles of Thermals Wear Gender Based

The style of thermals also differs with respect to gender. The quilted thermals for kid come in various styles. Men and women get different style options to have a perfect body fit and options such as a blouse, drawer, bottoms, top, and others. 

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