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Snow Jackets - Girls

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Girls Quilted Jacket Gold
Snow And Wind Resistant
SKU: em4762
Rs. 2,695.00
135 Loyalty Points
  • KidsJacketSize
  • 4 - 6Y
  • 7 - 8Y
  • 8 - 9Y
  • 10 - 11Y
  • 12 - 13Y
  • 13 - 14Y
Girls Quilted Jacket Salsa
Snow And Wind Resistant
SKU: em4752
Rs. 2,695.00
135 Loyalty Points
  • KidsJacketSize
  • 4 - 6Y
  • 7 - 8Y
  • 8 - 9Y
  • 10 - 11Y
  • 12 - 13Y
  • 13 - 14Y

Buy Beautiful Jackets for Your Little Princess @ Woollen-Wear

It can be quite a tedious task to find the perfect snow jacket for girls,which has the right balance of chic style and cosy comfort. With us at your aid, you can now save yourself from getting duped by gimmicky websites selling you nothing less than disasters. We are here to completely transform the underwhelming shopping experience most online shoppers’ face by meticulously procuring quality pieces for our dear customers from reliable manufacturers.

We at Woollen-Wear put in a lot of hard work to get you the products which promise quality. We curate our rich stock of girl’s jackets on the following basis –

Snow Jacket For Girls -




Polyester Lining


4 – 6 years

Poly filling


7 – 8 years

Polyester outer layer


8 – 9 years



10 – 11 years

Detachable hood


12 – 13 years

Snow and wind resistant


13 – 14 years


Three layers for triple comfort- Always invest in a three-layered jacket, which has a lining, filling and an outer layer to keep your little one’s little body super warm even when the mercury falls below zero degrees. Make sure the inner lining is super soft and is not abrasive on your little one’s baby soft skin. While the filling is best when it is a poly filling, which is very effective at trapping warmth within the jacket while being super lightweight, so your child doesn’t feel heavy and uncomfortable. And, the outer polyester lining protects the jacket from moisture from snow or occasional accidental spillage of food and drinks

Reversible for double fun – We stock up on reversible girls’ jackets, so you get the most value for your money. Buying a reversible jacket is like buying two jackets for the price of only one. You get two styles in the same jacket all you have to do is reverse it. Your child will totally love the interesting designs

Quality zipper wins half the battle – Most jackets are rendered useless and are shoved into some dark corner of the cupboard because their faulty or broken. So, we make sure to stock up on jackets, which have one of the best zippers attached to them. Front zippers also make it easier for your child to put on the jacket and take it off on his own without much struggle.

Plethora of colours – Our range of wind resistant jackets comesin bright, happy colours like red, orange and yellow for your little one to don during the bone-chilling winter days. The happy colours will perfectly complement the chirpy personality of your little one. Along with that, our team curates a variety of winter jackets in darker shades to help you conquer stains. The dark colour of the jacket will help you conceal accidental staining with just a damp cloth and gentle rubbing.

Style file – You can have complete faith on our fashion gurus,who help us curate the most stylish and flattering cuts, trendy prints and classic silhouettes, to give your little princess an enviable winter wardrobe. 

You can contact us at the number provided on our website for more information and queries. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t pass up on great deals and offers by letting your shopping cart stay empty. Get shopping already!

Necessity and Need for Jackets

Protecting your little girl against the snow is something that you need to take care of. So always make sure that you get snow jackets girls so that she can wear it to stay warm and comfortable against the snow during the winters. Read more

Comforts in Jackets

Kids value comfort far more than style and they need the freedom to move around in what they wear. So always ensure that whenever you purchase snow jacket for girls online, they are not only good but comfortable for the child as well. Read more

Variety of Jackets Clothing

There are a lot of varieties available when it comes to snow jackets for girls. You can go with fur lined hoods or simple one which come in bright shades and colours. Shop from the right place and you will get all the variety that you want. Read more

Trends of Jackets Clothing

Want to ensure that your girl has a trendy piece to wear this winter? Well then all you need to do is get girls snowboard jackets which are available online and tuck it in their wardrobe so that they can keep it trendy as well as warm. Read more

Stuff of Jackets

You will get a lot of options when it comes to purchasing girls snow wear, but you need to make sure that the material and the stuff that it is made of is something which is genuine and will provide good protection during the winters. Read more

Diversity among Leather jacket,Parka jackets and snow jacket

The best part about shopping for kids is that you can play around with a lot of options. If you want to protect them against the snow, then go for snow jackets or even parkas, whereas when it comes to maintaining style, you can go for leather ones. Read more

Features of Jackets

One of the most essential features of girls snow coats is that they need to be comfortable and that you need to make sure that the coat is fashioned out a good material which will help in keeping the kid warm and safe from the winter cold. Read more

Sizes in Jackets

The most important thing to remember when it comes to jackets for little girls, is that they will grow very fast and hence you have to make sure from your end that you get a size larger so that they can for a longer period of time. Read more

Jackets Pricing

When you want to buy snow Jackets Girls you need to think about the price too. Jackets of good quality will be a little bit higher in the price range, but it will be worth the buy if you value quality over quantity.            

Benefits of Jackets

What benefit do you get when you buy girls snow wear online in india? To put it simply you will get a lot of variety to choose from and you will find the right material as well which will help you protect your child during the winter months. Read more

Characteristics of a Superior Jackets

What is it that characterizes a good quality jacket? Simple, all you have to ensure is that the material that it is made up of is good and the stitching is in good condition. Always pay careful attention to the stitches. Read more

Tips to Buying Jackets

When you shop girls snow jackets there are few things that you need to keep in mind – the quality assurance, the brand, the material it is made up of and of course the comfort factor. Follow these tips and you will find the right jacket for your little girl! Read more

Why Buy From Us?

When it comes to buying from us you will surely get the best snow jackets for girls from here. You will have a plethora of options at your disposal and you will also get high quality material at a good price; so come shop with us.

Right Time for Wear Jackets

The winter months call for jackets. It is best to start wearing the jackets as soon as the winter sets in so that the right protection may be provided at the very onset which can prevent a lot of diseases because children are sensitive to cold. Read more

Taking Care for Jackets

When you buy online girls snow wear, you need to remember that you will have to take care of them. So, always take proper care of the jackets like drying it out in the sun and storing it right, so that it may last longer. Read more

Colours for Jackets

The choices of colours are many when it comes to snow jackets for girls. From bright crimson, to wheat cream, to starry black, you will surely be spoilt for choices when it comes to colours of snow jackets for girls. 

How to Store Jackets in Summer Season

Thinking about buying jackets for girls online and wondering how to store them right? Well after using it during the winter months, dry wash them and place them inside a jacket cover and keep them stored throughout the summer months. Read more

How to Wash Jackets

Washing your jackets right is a very important part of keeping your jackets in a good condition. Always dry wash them after using them for a considerable period of time and it is best not to machine wash them with water. Read more

Sleeves of Jackets Based on the Page

If you are looking for something really smart and trendy for your little girl, then you need to have kids sleeveless coats which they can wear during the winter mornings, which are just the right mixture of style and comfort. 

Types of Girls Jackets

Snow jackets come for both boys and girls. If you want it for your girl, then you can go for bright colours and cool cuts which will help in keeping them comfortable as well as stylish at the same time, throughout the winters. Read more

Styles of Jacket Wear Gender Based

When you buy winter jackets for girls make sure that the collar style is something that your little girl is comfortable in and is also meant for a girl, rather than opting for something which is a straight fit for both the genders.