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3% Loyalty Points on Snow Jackets - Boys - Blue

Snow Jackets - Boys - Blue

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    Best Workmanship Assured
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    Snow & Wind Resistant Jacket
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    Triple Layered Jacket
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    Suitable for Below Zero Degree Temperature
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    Assured Warmness
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Boys Jacket Aqua Quilted
Snow And Wind Resistant
SKU: em8707
Rs. 2,449.00
73 Loyalty Points
  • KidsJacketSize
  • 4 - 6Y
  • 7 - 8Y
  • 8 - 9Y
  • 10 - 11Y
  • 12 - 13Y
  • 13 - 14Y
  • 15 - 16Y
Boys Jacket Royal blue Two color
Snow And Wind Resistant
SKU: em8717
Rs. 2,249.00
112 Loyalty Points
  • KidsJacketSize
  • 4 - 6Y
  • 7 - 8Y
  • 8 - 9Y
  • 10 - 11Y
  • 12 - 13Y
  • 13 - 14Y
  • 15 - 16Y
Boys Jacket Black Basic Reversible
Snow And Wind Resistant
SKU: em8716
Rs. 2,359.00
118 Loyalty Points
  • KidsJacketSize
  • 4 - 6Y
  • 7 - 8Y
  • 8 - 9Y
  • 10 - 11Y
  • 12 - 13Y
  • 13 - 14Y
  • 15 - 16Y
Boys Jacket Navy Basic Reversible
Snow And Wind Resistant
SKU: em8716
Rs. 2,359.00
118 Loyalty Points
  • KidsJacketSize
  • 4 - 6Y
  • 7 - 8Y
  • 8 - 9Y
  • 10 - 11Y
  • 12 - 13Y
  • 13 - 14Y
  • 15 - 16Y
Customer Reviews
on 08/12/2017
Your service is very good. Items met our expectations. Total product delivery timing is much less. (From order to delivery). Keep it up..

Buy Best Snow Jackets for Boys @ Woollen-Wear

It can be a real struggle to find quality winter clothing amidst the plethora of gimmicky products sold by the numerous online shops that pop up on your screen. To put an end to your struggle, we at Woollen-Wearhave put together a team of stylists and experts, who curate products for you themselves after close scrutiny. So, when you shop with us, you can trust us completely to deliver you with assured quality.

When it comes to the little ones in the family, most parents are concerned about the quality of the winter wear for their kids. However, nowadays you cannot overlook the style factor as most kids want to look super fashionable among all their friends. So, we curate exclusive winter pieces, which amalgamate the comfort and quality of your desire and the fashion quotients of your boy’s dreams.


Snow Jackets For Boys -




Polyester Lining


4 – 6 years

Poly filling


7 – 8 years

Polyester outer layer


8 – 9 years



10 – 11 years

Detachable hood


12 – 13 years

Snow and wind resistant


13 – 14 years


<h2>The things that sets our pieces apart from others are the following – </h2>

  • Triple layer protection –Our snow jacket for boys are made up of three layers of fabric, so your boy stays super warm and cosy even when the weather turns bitterly cold. The innermost fur layer is super soft and gentle on your kid’s soft skin while the middle polyester layer is there to trap the heat. The poly filling is light unlike traditional jacket fillings, which can feel almost suffocating due to the heaviness. And finally, there is an outer nylon layer, which turns the jacket water and snow resistant for the times when the weather turns unpredictable. This layer is also helpful if your little mischievous one spills a little something on the jackets.
  • Practical pockets – Our snow jackets come with super useful pockets where your little one can stash his essentials and also keep their hands warm.
  • Reversible realness – You can now invest in one jacket, but your boy can enjoy the looks of two. With our reversible snow jacket, you can have two completely different looks just by turning the jacket inside out. So, this is perfect for the kids who get bored very easily with their outfits and always want newness.
  • Quality zippers – We make sure only the best of the best quality of zippers are being used in our jackets and put them under close scrutiny to check that. We know that a jacket loses more than half its life if the zipper gets broken or stuck after regular use. 
  • Colour carnival – We stock a variety of jackets for boys in a plethora of different colours. You can find them in bright pops of colours like red, blue, yellow-orange, and many more, which are perfect to add some cheerfulness to the otherwise dull, cold days of winter. But, you can also choose something in a darker shade like navy, black or grey, which are much easier to maintain. They also conceal accidentals spots and marks better. However, the most interesting are the two-toned snow jackets, which havea pretty pop of colour, which is contrasted by another to render a super cool and sporty look for young boys.

Contact us for more details at the number provided on our website. So,don’t wait anymore? Checkout great offers and discounts and fill your shopping cart now. Happy shopping!

Kids - Kids Jacket - Snow Jackets - Boys available in multiple Color Blue , etc

Necessity and Need for Jackets

Protection against the snow is essential for the harsh winter months and hence you need to have snow jackets boys in your baby boy’s wardrobe to make sure that he stays protected and well taken care of during the winter months. Read more

Comforts in Jackets

Snow jackets are meant for protection and hence if you want to make sure that you get the best for you kid, the only thing that should matter is the comfort factor. Jackets are meant for comfortable protection and that should be there. Read more

Variety of Jackets Clothing

If you buy snow jacket for boys online then the biggest advantage that you will enjoy is that you will get a variety of clothing to shop from. It is because of this that you should definitely try out a few online stores before you make the final purchase. Read more

Trends of Jackets Clothing

When it comes to trends, you need to be sure that you are not letting go of the comfort factor just to get something trendy for your little boy. Whatever is comfortable will ultimately become the trend and hence always choose comfort over trend. Read more

Stuff of Jackets

The thing about boys snowboard jackets is that the material that it is made up of is of utmost importance –it needs to be triple layered that will come with an assurance of providing warmth, which is possible when the stuff is good. Read more

Diversity among Leather jacket,Parka jackets and snow jacket

If you want your son to brave snowy winters then the best option is none other than snow jackets. When it is more about style, then leather jackets are a must and if it comes to wind and snow, then you have to go with parka jackets for your boy. Read more

Features of Jackets

One of the most essential features of boys snow wear is that it has to be made out of triple layered material which will be providing good protection and warmth and it should come with an assurance of quality as well. Read more

Sizes in Jackets

When it comes to boys snow coats, they are a bit oversized or at least look so, because since it is triple layered it will look a bit larger. It is best if the child has room to move around in the jacket which will make things more comfortable for him. Read more

Jackets Pricing

Snow jackets come with layers of protection because of which the price of these jackets will be higher as well, as the material used will be more. So, if you want a good quality snow jacket then you will have to pay for the right price. 

Benefits of Jackets

When you buy snow jackets boys, one benefit is assured – it will provide your boy with the right amount of protection that he needs, which will ensure that he remains warm and comfortable even when the temperature drops below zero degrees. Read more

Characteristics of a Superior Jackets

If you want to tell whether or not boys snow wear online in india that you get is of high quality, always look for two parameters – the assurance of quality and the material that it is made up of. These two are the hallmarks of identifying a good jacket. Read more

Tips to Buying Jackets

Are you thinking about buying a snow jacket for your little boy? Well then make sure that you get the ones which are triple layered and pick from a place where you will get a lot of options to play around with. Read more

Why Buy From Us?

Well if you are looking for a reliable place for you to shop boys snow jacketsfrom, then you have come to the right place. We will provide you quality assurance with every piece and priced reasonably we are a favourite of many!

Right Time for Wear Jackets

Snow jackets are ideal for days when the temperature drops below zero degree. If your child has to step out in the snow, these are a must. So make sure that if you experience a snowy winter, you definitely have snow jackets for you boy. Read more

Taking Care for Jackets

Snow jackets are multi layered and fluffy. Brush off any snow that might accumulate on it and leave it out on the snow for drying to prevent the infestation of moisture. Once that is done, you can store the jacket in a wardrobe. Read more

Colours for Jackets

The best snow jackets for boys will come in varied colours. Starting from bright shades to darker ones – you can opt for any colour scheme of your choice. In general people prefer brighter coloured clothes for children. 

How to Store Jackets in Summer Season

When you buy online boys snow wear always find out the care instructions for them. Keep the jackets folded in the right way, preferably in a jacket cover and always tucked inside a nice wardrobe when you store it away for the summer months. Read more

How to Wash Jackets

You should not wash boys rain jackets & coats. Instead you should let them out to dry in the snow and brush off any snow that might have gotten stuck on it. You need to then dry clean it at the laundry service to ensure maximum preservation of the jacket. Read more

Sleeves of Jackets Based on the Page

Children look extremely dapper yet playful when wearing kids sleeveless jackets. This is a must have for every boy’s wardrobe and hence it is best that you make sure that your boy too has one in his collection during his growing up years. 

Types of Boys Jackets

Are you looking for a nice winter jacket for boy? If so then you need to make sure that you opt for the right size and the right colour which will be well suited for your baby boy and help him to stand out in the fashion crowd this winter. Read more

Styles of Jacket Wear Gender Based

You will have a lot of styles when it comes to jackets based on gender. So you need to make sure that you choose one that will be comfortable for your child. Every child’s comfort factor varies and hence the style that you opt for will be unique and only for your child.