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Viscose Material

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Viscose Material

*Viscose Wool Material Features : Viscose or Rayon is the artificial silk created from cellulose.

Here are all important features of viscose wool material:


*Versatile in Nature : Viscose wool is one of the most versatile synthetic fibres ever created. It holds the capacity to blend with many other fibres conveniently. This property makes it a useful wool fibre when manufacturing garments with a combination of multiple fibres.


*Excellent Breathability : Viscose is also popular for its breathable nature, which allows the comfort level wearers desire in winter garments. Breathability makes it suitable for tight-fit winter garment creation as well.


*Great Colour Retention : When dyed, this material holds the colour in its natural vibrancy for a long time. This is the reason why multiple colour choices become available in winter clothing manufactured with viscose wool.


*Effective Temperature Regulation : In regards to temperature regulation, viscose wool supports in all weather conditions. It enables warmth in winters and cold in summers.


*Highly Absorbent : The use of viscose wool is also considered as an absorbent when manufacturing garments. This property allows this material to absorb sweat and moisture to release the vapour in the environment. Hence, a wearer stays dry all day long, which saves from feeling cold.


*Robust and Soft : Viscose wool is comfortable and strong at same time. It can last for ages without getting affected in any manner, while the texture feels soft and smooth on the skin.


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Viscose Material

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