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Semi Pashmina Material

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Semi Pashmina Material

* Semi Pashmina Material Features : Pashmina material is highly delicate and light, which makes the manufacturing difficult. This is why Pashmina wool is combined with high-quality angora wool. This creates highly durable semi pashmina material.

Here are the most significant features of semi pashmina:


* Luxurious Warmth : Just like pure pashmina, semi pashmina also feels exceptionally warm. This is due to the unique insulating property of pashmina fibres as well as angora wool fibres.


* Very Soft : When touched or worn, semi pashmina offers the same level of softness pashminas are known for. This softness comes without the delicate nature of the structure, which enhances the durability of this material.


* Feather-like Lightweight : The weight of a semi pashmina clothing item can be considered negligible. Even the longest size of shawl doesn’t feel heavy when made from this material. This quality allows manufacturers to use this material in various important winter garments and accessories such as shawls and scarves.


* Simple Maintenance : Maintenance of the quality, shine and structure doesn’t require too much. Gentle cleaning with mild wool care products is perfect for semi pashmina.


* Easy to Dye : Dying this material is very easy and it retains the obtained colour for years without fading away. Hence, semi pashmina is available in a wide range of colour choices from blue, green, red, brown and all different shades you can think of.


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Semi Pashmina Material

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