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Fleece Material

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Fleece Material

* Fleece Wool Features : Created by humans, Fleece wool is an incredible material created from plastic instead of a sheep’s coat. Despite the use of plastic, this material offers exceptional features.


* Feels Softer Than Regular Wool : Surprisingly, fleece wool feels softer than regular wool. It doesn’t feel itchy like regular wool, which makes it comfortable for a wearer. This is a major reason why adults, as well as children, wear fleece wool clothing in winter happily.


* Lightweight Structure : Thin fibres make the structure of fleece extremely light in weight. Most consumers look for lightweight and soft woollen clothes to wear during winters. Hence, the demand of fleece wool winter wear has increased over the years.


* Great Breathability : Fleece is known for its breathability, which saves from the uncomfortable feeling of wearing woollen clothes in winters. The breathability allows a wearer to feel relaxed, so he or she can keep the protective layer on for the whole day.


* Reliable Warmth : Fleece material traps air in between the fibres, which creates small pockets of insulation. This delivers impressive warmness, especially while indulging in physical activities.


Fleece wool material has a wide range of usage. The ability to remove sweat is the reason why it is used to manufacture sportswear for the winter season. Along with that, various types of winter clothing and protective accessories are constructed with this material.


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Fleece Material

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