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Acute Mountain Sickens – Is It Fatal If Symptoms Are Ignored?

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Acute Mountain Sickness or simply speaking AMS certainly is fatal if symptoms are ignored. Lack of oxygen in thin air at high altitudes causes serious problems and at times, these are beyond the control or medical treatment. However, figuring out various stages and allied symptoms is very crucial to decide the best support and effective treatment. 

Acclimatization is the most reliable prevention method and gradual acclimatization certainly offers best results and maximized protection you deserve when you are put there in dire cold, thin air, and scarce oxygen. AMS symptoms are classified into three prominent categories and each has peculiar symptoms. Mild AMS – Symptoms of mild acute mountain sickness are often perplexed with common problems. However, experts in mountaineering certainly recognize these symptoms and offer help when needed the most. Some of the symptoms of mild AMS are shortness of breath, headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, overall depression, and lack of enthusiasm.

Often these symptoms are never related to AMS due to the generalization and it subtly becomes a step to mitigate mild AMS to moderate AMS. Moderate AMS – Moderate AMS requires immediate attention and one of the finest means to overcome it is to descend down as early as possible. Descending for 300 to 600 meters certainly offers to relieve symptoms and provides reprieve to the person suffering from AMS. In addition, medication is also available to facilitate relief from symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of moderate AMS are mild level AMS symptoms with amplified severity, Ataxia or decreased coordination, stern headache even not relieved by timely medication.

The severity of the problem increase with the rise in the altitude and it is strongly recommended to start descending as soon as the symptoms of moderate AMS are observed. Severe AMS – The first preventive measure to treat severe AMS is to start descending down by 600 to 1200 meters. Thereof, the availability of the oxygen improves and it certainly offers a relief. Severe AMS requires attention and treatment on a topmost priority as it might turn fatal for a few. Some of the most commonly observed symptoms of severe AMS are incapability of walking, declining mental condition, and fluid build-up in lungs. Descending along with the medication certainly helps to relieve the severe symptoms; however, adequate care is necessary.

Severe AMS is a serious problem and it definitely is responsible for organ disability in addition to being fatal. Figuring out a mature solution for acute mountain sickness is easy. However, you need to act smart. Ignoring conditions always leads to increasing the severity and certainly, it is not recommended. In fact, it is the worst fear at high altitudes you may ever face. Grab baby girl jackets online India stores offer if babies are accompanying you. Prevention from possible problems is always a good idea rather than suffering from it. Rescue missions are available; however, you need to win the race with the time in such conditions. Therefore, make a wise decision to prepare well, acclimatize properly, and never ignore any symptom casually.