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Unisex Knee Caps - Grey

  • Suitable for below Zero Degrees
  • 100% Purewool Woolmark Certified Knee caps
  • Assured Warmness
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Pure Wool Knee Cap Unisex Grey
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM712
Rs. 695.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Pure Wool Knee Cap Unisex P2
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM712-P2
Rs. 1,195.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Pure Wool Knee Cap Unisex P3
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM712-P3
Rs. 1,695.00
  • Size
  • One Size
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Customer Reviews
on 10/10/2021
I love staying layered up during the winter as I catch cold quickly. I had been looking for woolen knee caps made with pure wool from a while and I finally got it here at woollen wear. These knee caps are incredible as they worked for me during the harsh cold days too. I vouch for this product!
on 10/10/2021
It is hard to find such good quality woolen knee caps online but Woollen Wear is the best. I gifted this to my grandmother and mother. They are all happy with it and actually asked me to place more orders for the same.
on 25/10/2020
These knee cap are the just about the greatest thing ever I gifted to my grandmother. These knee caps are very warm and comfortable.. Perfect 5 stars
on 14/06/2020
I was looking for purewool knee cap for my grandmother so long and was able to find it on Great collection. Product was exactly what I wanted. Very good quality woollen products. I'm sure I will order again.

Buy Unisex Knee Caps Winter @ Woollen-Wear!!!

The most loved season of the years is back again…!! It comes with a festive touch with icy breeze and flowers of snow. Beauty of winter can’t be defined in words. It should be experienced. The only thing you need is the best winter wear to welcome winter. Without the proper clothing items, winter may not seem as beautiful and comfortable. Other than parka jackets, long coats, and woollen socks online, you cannot ignore the importance of the winter accessories. One of the important winter accessories that everyone never wants to miss is unisex knee caps.


Protect your beautiful knees with colourful range of knee caps. We at Woollen-Wear bring you the best in knee caps with soft ribbed grip at both the ends. Our free size unisex knee caps are available in pure wool and acrylic wool that are itch-free and assure high comfort for knees. Your comfort doesn’t have to be boring during the winter season. Woollen-Wear keeps the choice of colour of our customers in mind as well. Knee caps come in amazing colours including Brown, Grey, Skin, Light Grey and in royal black. Select knee caps as per your individual taste and preference.

Check out some of the woollen knee cap features displayed in our portal:

Woolen Knee Cap –




Pure Wool, Unisex, Free Size, Itch Free

Black, Brown

P2, P3

Long Lasting, Warm, Light Weight

Grey, Dark-Grey


Natural Breathability, Odour Free,




Why Choose Us?

Our products aim to reach the majority of the masses. Hence, we make sure that all of them are rightly priced. Woollen-Wear takes affordability extremely seriously which goes side by side with the quality. All of our products are Wool Mark certified for quality assurance. All the products undergo rigorous quality checks before being sold online. This goes for all the winter products displayed in our portal, including woollen socks. Our online store provides quality products from reputed companies to our customers.

Being the first exclusive online portal for winter wears, we are well aware of the intentions and expectations of people entering our online store. We maintain a standard to build trust in our customers. Unquestionable quality and competitive prices make our online store the hot spot of countless winter lovers of the country. With an exceptional team set to provide customer support, Woollen-Wear is here to win hearts.

Our products come straight from manufacturing units, and it help us a lot to provide unisex knee caps at rock bottom rates. Rates for unisex knee caps start at just Rs 500 ! Get that extra warmth for your knees in this winter to get indulged in your works and outings with free-flowing legs. Our knee caps give extra layer of protection without making the feel of extra weight. Knee caps perfectly suit with your skin giving a fantastic look. Woollen-Wear provides complete information about the products to our customers. Don’t wait any longer; start browsing through our portal right away. For more info, contact us.

Accessories - Winter Socks - Unisex Knee Caps available in multiple Color Grey , etc

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