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Acrylic Wool Gloves - Grey

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Acrylic Gloves Designer ladies P3
Warm gloves with Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 595.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Acrylic Wool Hand Gloves Plain Grey
Warm gloves with Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 215.00
  • Size
  • One Size
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Acrylic Wool Gloves Babes and Romeos….!

Your favourite winter ringed its bell. It is now your days to Rock N Roll with the winter games. Never miss any of the thrilling entertainments with icy winds and flowing snow. What you need is just a set of acrylic wool gloves to keep the warmth. Shopping of the same is made so easy with our online store. We at Woollen-Wear being the reputed winter wear online shop are now ready with melodious armour for sweet winter. Chillness is something to be experienced. Elevate your style and walk on snow with your beloveds. Never mind the naughtiness of winter. Let winter play. We make you to watch it with wonder with our high quality acrylic wool gloves.

We know that your hands have feelings. Hence, our wool gloves are designed to assure you with feather touch experience. Products of Woollen-Wear are made with high quality fabrics that are tested at different levels to assure international standard. All of our products are Wool Mark certified before it reaches our store. We are happy to watch most of our customers back to store even before winter hits the walls. Select from an exciting range including Designer gloves, special ladies pack and more that come in different colours.

Get ready for your rocking cocktail parties with ready to play hands. There is no doubt wallet will not cry when you are at out winter wear store. Surprisingly rates for acrylic wool gloves start from just Rs. 495…!! We provide high quality products of reputed companies to our customers. Let your palms smile at you with beautifully designed wool gloves. Our online store is designed with user-friendly features so that everyone can enjoy the real thrill of shopping with clicks. We provide complete information of our products online. For more information, you can contact us.

Taking Care for Acrylic Wool Gloves: Use a Mild Detergent, Do not Twist or Wring the Gloves, Spread the Gloves on Flat, Use Warm Water.

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Accessories - Winter Gloves - Acrylic Wool Gloves available in multiple Color Grey , etc

Acrylic Wool Gloves