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Knitted Hats - Dark-Grey

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Acrylic Ribbed Monkey Cap Dark Grey
Warm Cap with Assured Satisfaction
SKU: C9301
Rs. 395.00
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Buy knitted hats and caps here!

Do you like wearing knit caps and hats during the winter season? Well, if you do, then we have just the right knit caps collection for you. Knitted caps are quite useful and helpful as they do not allow too much air to pass through the material. This helps in keeping the cold away from the ears completely. If your grandmother has knitted you a cap before, and you want to buy her a special gift, you can find hand knitted caps on Woollen-Wear. You can also buy knit caps for anyone as a gift as all our caps are unisex. Some features of knit caps: - Knit caps and hats are usually thicker than any usual cap. You can find them in the basic beanie pattern and also in the monkey cap design on our site. If you want to keep yourself overall protected, you should go for the monkey caps as they will cover your nose, mouth, ears and most of your face too.

For people who are travelling or residing in extreme cold weathers, we have special monkey caps. They work great during harsh weather days. All the knit caps are made with heavy duty acrylic wool which is great for staying warm, and it is a non-itchy material too. Sometimes children can get itchiness on their ears or face due to caps, but we guarantee you that this is not the case with the products we sell. Once you wear the cap, you will realize how incredibly comfortable and soft they are. We also assure warmness satisfaction as the wool used to make these caps is of supreme quality. You can find different patterns, colours and designs in knit hats/caps on our site. We have various choices for men and women. The size of the cap is free, so you can buy this cap for anyone! Have you seen our reasonable prices? Why wouldn’t you grab these beautiful caps for such an exciting offer? Get knit hats and caps from Woollen-Wear right now to protect yourself from the freezing cold. Our products do have any smell or stink plus they are easy to handle. You can just hand wash them and leave it to dry overnight. They are easy to handle and care for. So, get yourself the most comfortable, easy to wear, inexpensive, high-quality and trendy knit hats from Woollen-Wear only.

Taking Care For Knitted Caps: Use Gentle Cycle and Mild Detergent, Do not Wring or Twist the Cap, Do not Bleach

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